Muffler Shop Specials

The muffler shop offers the very best special offers for your automobile. We value loyalty every time you bring your automobile or buy anything from us. Here are some of the discounts we offer on the different services at the muffler shop.

$5 OFF: This coupon reduces $5 off of any service that you receive from the muffler shop. The services may vary from vehicle maintenance, exhaust system, oil change services among others. The coupon should be presented when you arrive at the auto care shop and has a valid expiry date.

Muffler Shop SPECIALS
Muffler Shop SPECIALS


This coupon should also be presented before you receive the service. The coupon is applicable for any service offered at the Muffler shop. This also extends to multiple services as long as they all add up to $250. Te services may include a regular, oil change, car repair and maintenance, vehicle maintenance among others.

Most of the coupons available from the muffler shop are seasonal and are found online. The promotions are mostly for introducing new services in the shop. They are done to create awareness and in most cases are thrown in for free or at a low discounted price along with other services.

Criteria for awarding specials

This usually varies from the different services that eth customers would need as well as their frequency to our shop. We always offer discounts to customers who frequently visit our shop and who request for different services. Bulk services are always awarded discounts this may include servicing a stream of taxi vehicles or huge trucks.

The muffler shops values the customers cars and also the customers time. That is why we have a well organized appointment system online that enables the customer to book an appointment for any service they wish. The best part of this system is that you can actually get an estimate of the services you would like to come in for before arriving at the shop physically. This enables the customer to plan ahead in some cases can decide to pay in advance for the service before visiting the shop. There are seasonal coupons and promotional codes that are generated from the online platform which in most cases reduces your estimate if you get access to the service at that particular period in time.

Other discounts may include but not limited to frequent visits by a certain customer and in some cases a vehicle that has gone through the hands of other mechanics and not really been fixed. These cases are usually considered a bit complicated but without rightly trained people, we ensure that your car comes right back to life and is road worthy in good time. Our contacts are available on the site and we always update the site with new changes or new promotional codes whenever they arise.

Quality Service

It is very important to note that just because we give you a discount on the different services offered or in some cases offer promotional codes, our services still up hold the same standard. We also have a referral discount whereby you can get a discount on the service you need every time you refer another client or two to the auto care shop.  The discount is intended to mainly increase the shops clientele and also to uphold loyalty with different long lasting customers.

Our services never change when a discount is involved and we still have uphold the same quality in every service as well as try as much as can to save your time and money. We offer different services on different automobiles depending on the model you own. Our experts uphold every car’s standard and we ensure that you never have to come back to us twice for the same problem.


The coupons we have online and are legit but we do not accept any other coupons taken from any other site by fraudsters whose main aim is to get our services for free. However, we are not false advertisers and in most cases we uphold our word once set. The muffler shop takes fraud very serious as we do not like our customers to feel short changed in any way. On top of that any appointments made online are always followed up by a phone call to ensure that you will indeed show up for the service asked for.


All the staff we have on board are well trained and are specialized in what they do. They are highly trained in customer service and they know how to deal with a customer and how to ensure they leave the premise satisfied and happy. We use “The customer is always right” concept to ensure that the client is satisfied and will always come back for more services at the Muffler shop. The staff from the call centre agents to the mechanics who get their hands dirty to deal with your car have got years and of training and are well experienced in their exact fields.  We thrive on getting back good reviews and feedbacks because it is important for the customer to keep coming back for more. Any recommendation from a client to another client is highly valued and that is why our services are top notch.

Most of the discounts and coupons offered at the Muffler shop come with seasons. Christmas time will have its own holiday coupon, as well as Easter and other times of the year as well. This means, the discount in Easter may not be the same discount over the Christmas holiday. We simply go with the demand on the market to ensure that our services are broadened, wide spread and reach a wide market. Other than the special offers we have from time to time, we ensure that our clients get the very best service whether there is a  discount or an offer or none at all.  The muffler shop never goes out of style, our services are offered by the very best and are rendered with the most updated technology.