Pick a Part Autoparts and Sales Ltd 43645 Industrial Way , Chilliwack ,bc V2r 4l2


At the pick a part Chilliwack BC is where you can bring your tools, hundreds of vehicles to choose from are available and there are models self serve that save your money. The good thing about this pick a part is that their open days are seven days a week with their opening hours as follows Monday to Sunday 8.30 am to 9.00 pm. The specialities at the pick a part Chilliwack autoparts and sales Ltds include used vehicles,vehicle parts,used trucks, used truck parts, used auto parts, used cars, used automobile parts and self serve auto parts. The products and services at the pick a part autoparts and sales Ltd Chilliwack include used vehicles-import and domestic, used truck and SUV parts, used car parts and used vehicle parts. At this automotive industry the methods of payments allowed here are visa,MasterCard and Interac. The brands carried here are import, Gm ,Ford and Chevrolet. The experience at the Chilliwack BC autopart and sales Ltd will never is a great one and never disappoints clients.

How I found out about the pick a part Chilliwack BC autoparts and sales Ltd.

When something gets worn out it definitely need to be replaced. Last year my SUV wheels had lost treads and had encountered several punctures so it needed a replacement. The problem was not the money or anything, it was the perfect place to have my parts pulled out and replaced. I was looking for an autoparts or automotive industry near me. I tried asking my colleagues about a place where I could have my parts replaced but they had no clue of a place that could meet my expecting. I had several distressing days then I realized the internet was invented to make everything much easier so I decided to use Google maps to find an automotive industry near me. The first autoparts and sales Ltd yard that I found was the Chilliwack BC autoparts and sales Ltd. I saved their description of their location and took their contacts from the internet. I contacted the customer care at this automotive industry and explained to them the problems that I had encountered and the type of services I wanted. He told me that I could get the service during their open days and I was given their working hours so that I could choose a day that would favour my time schedule. I told him that Saturday would be a great day to get the service. I was finally going to have my wheels replaced and that was the best feeling. Days and nights passed and saturday was finally here I could not keep calm. I travelled that Saturday very early so that I could get there on time. In a few hours time I was already there and the security explained to me the directions to the office. I was given a parking spot and showed to the office. I was given a spot to stay while my car was getting the services I had requested. In a short while it was all good to go and looking all great and new. I took the bill and to my surprise it was not as expensive as I had expected. I can say that it was fairly priced. I drove back home feeling all great and awesome with many reasons why I would recommend the Chilliwack BC autoparts and sales Ltd.

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Here is why I would refer you to the Chilliwack autoparts and sales Ltd.

The main thing that matters really much is the fact that time is saved because time is perceived as money and time wasted cannot be recovered. So at this automotive industry their services are offered at a customer satisfying rate in that they do not waste your time. Once you get there,the services are offered immediately so you do not get to waste a lot of time at this place so it is completely time effective.

Apart from that, it a cost effective spot in that the services you get deserve or are worth the price fixed one cannot complain because these services are of the highest quality and so the money that you get to pay as the bill is priced fairly. So the Chilliwack BC autoparts and sales Ltd is a great spot that is cost effective and you get to save your money.

In addition to that, the autoparts sold at the Chilliwack BC autoparts and sales Ltd are of high quality and they have a promising life span unlike many autoparts that tend to spoil or depreciate as soon as they are bought. So this is another reason why I recommend this place to clients like me.

Besides that,the Chilliwack BC autoparts and sales Ltd is a great place with customer friendly attendants who offer services politely. The security to the other attendants are all customer friendly they offer services without complaining to the clients. The main reason why I recommend this place is because the warranty of the products offered here are of the highest span and have promising after sales services. This is the best that a client can get since the best thing that a client can get is the assurance that even if a autopart gets an alteration they can have it replaced. This is the best offer anyone can get when it comes to after sales services. The autoparts from the Chilliwack BC autoparts and sales Ltd have the longest life span since they are original when it comes to comparison with other automotive industries parts, cases of breakdown or punctures of wheels from this automotive industry are lesser because they offer the strongest durable autoparts here. Durability is the best characteristic an autopart can have since it will result to low maintenance costs because cases of breakdown will be minimal. The breakdown of cars definitely leads to aging fast and the car becomes obsolete in a short while. So to avoid this, one should get the best autoparts and durable at the best recommended automotive industry which is the Chilliwack BC autoparts and sales Ltd.

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