Sake sushi

Sake sushi: unlimited sushi without any guilt

Sake sushi: unlimited sushi without any guilt; Address: 2347 86th St Brooklyn, NY 11214; Phone: (718) 265-6288.

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Despite having more than 500 reviews on Yelp and more than 700 pictures, their Internet presence is not that much. In fact, searching for their official website one might stumble upon another Sake Sushi located in Brooklyn NY. Here is what you are going to do when you get there. Grab the adjacent plate and load it up with as much as sushi you want, before stuffing them into my mouth.  Even though it is not a rare case to overeat at buffets, you are going to believe that you are eating the money’s worth. Or not because the price is low compared to other sushi buffets. Other places take the money of what you are eating but these place looks more like a gift.

Sake sushi

Sake sushi

One thing about eating unlimited sushi is that you do not feel bloated or nauseous. The food is always light but satisfying. Also, you can taste the various kinds of Japanese and exotic ones which you would have to buy separately when you are eating somewhere else. At Sake sushi, it is a buffet lunch or dinner so there is no trouble in selection. You can try any of the items you want and not have to feel guilty about overeating or adding extra pounds. The price is also reasonable so you will not also feel like a sinner spending excess money on a meal. There are no counting calories but only money which you will still have in your wallet even after you leave this place.

Did you know that some place has a deluxe sushi buffet costing $64? Here it is only $13 per person. You can have any items you want including gyoza, edamame and rolls and still the bill will be the same. The price is unbeatable which makes people come here more often. Sometimes this pricing can also be an issue for you.  It happens that people line up writing down their name and phone number. It can be just you and your friend/spouse/sibling etc. When they see that there are more people such a group of four or five people, the lady will give them more priority. They think that more people will bring in more profit. That should not be a business’s target because they can disappoint people. You have to keep in mind that each and every one is important. Sometimes the crowd is so much, you have to wait in line for more than an hour. If you decide to leave the place and go somewhere near because waiting can be boring and awful, you will find you name cut. They do not even care to call in the phone numbers! The crowd is so much, all they care about who is in front of them despite having the waiting list with the phone numbers and names. Also, it can happen that you are number one on the waiting list yet someone else got the table who is a number two or three because they are a group. If this is a problem, visit during the weekdays. Weekends are usually full of people.

Sake sushi

Sake sushi

Let us get back to the food, we know how we find sushi at a Chinese buffet. Here, it is only Japanese food and focusing on sushi. You can avoid starches as it will take most of the space in your stomach and you will not be able to taste everything. You can take the avocado salad because that is a healthy addition and the sauce is tasty. The Kani salad might not be up to the mark. The rainbow rolls are a delight. If you are a noodles lover, then there is great news because you can have that as much as you want. You will love the sushi made from eel, tuna and salmon. Many folks also love the scallops and surf clam. The hand rolls are beautiful and you will love the chicken teriyaki.

The atmosphere is not alright because you will notice that you are sitting very close to a stranger. That can be odd while you are trying to eat unlimited sushi. Saka sushi serves delicious food and the customer service is also fine. Many places offer a fast service but the ones serving might not make you feel comfortable. Here, the staffs want to make you feel relaxed so that you can have food pleasantly and comfortably without any worries. There are many expensive restaurants, pizzerias and Chinese restaurants where the staffs treat you will like a customer or to be exact, an outsider. The sushi will be delicious. If you are hungry and craving for unlimited food, stop by here. On a weekend, the lines go outside Sake Sushi into the street. You can also take the shrimp teriyaki if you do not like the chicken one. Also, do not waste food. Firstly, because food is not for wasting and secondly Sake Sushi charges people for having leftovers. It is a nice act as leaving food on the plate is a bad thing many folks do without caring. It would be nice if Sake Sushi could be bigger in space.

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