Stealer marketing ideas that may revamp the dwindling shoe repair industry

Businesses are faced with different economic periods that each and every business has to pass through. However, whether your business succeeds during recession period will be strongly be based on the business infrastructure that you have put in place. The shoe repair industry has been hit by a lot of factors that have even threatened the closure of the whole entire industry. The problem at hand may be something that needs a lot of marketing attention to start with. However other factors kept constant, proper installation of an efficient marketing infrastructure may be what is left to save the shoe repair industry. That goes without saying that the marketing idea needs to be well crafted to compete with other importers and new shoes selling businesses But due to a lot of factors, the latter matter has proved not to be an easy task not just for the shoe repair business but other types of businesses as well That notwithstanding, there are a lot of big risks still that the shoe repair companies may experience with a given choice of a marketing system. But it will just be too easy to sit and do nothing to salvage attest one or two shoe repair outlets that may be privy for better environmental conservation among many other factors. Some of the risks the marketing ideas that may bring light at the end of the tunnel for the shoe repair industry include.

  1. The organizing of in-store events

This in-store event will aim at increasing shoe repair sales and also try and persuade the customers that the shoe repair services that you are offering are the best among a wide range of possible shoe retails outlets. This can be done in so many ways but by them attending this in-store event, some of them may also be persuaded to buy shoe repair services that they had not even planned for.If you are a fashionista or a teacher, this may be a great opportunity for you as you may be able to educate the customers to buy your products effectively.  While you’re organizing the in-store event, it will a good idea to keep track of your customer data. This may envisage you understanding, their day of birth and other special days which mean a lot to the clients. You can gather and store the data so that during your client’s birthday ceremonies, you may send them birthday cards. This may be a good way to keep your customers within your shoe repair cycle and at the end, you will see the fruit of the latter deeds. On top of that, you may decide to create a given set of reward programs to your customers. Invite either manually or through online means for the customers to join your program. Reward points for a given purchase of shoe repair services to all clients. After some time, you may redeem the points and earn a different set of services from your franchise.

dwindling shoe repair industry
dwindling shoe repair industry
  1. The creation of special shoe repair bundles.

Make sure that your shoe repair needs cater for a wide range of customers who shop at your premise. Whether old, young, feminine and masculine cater to the needs of each and every customer in a special way. One way of doing that is through the creation of given sets of family bundle packages. This packages will provide coupons at every instance whereby customers shop for shoe repair services for each member of their family. Irrespective whether a customer will save just one dollar that will mean a lot to the shoe repair customer in the long run. After you have curated the offers, the next vital step will be to market this bundles offer packages to reach their intended market. With the advancement of the use of technology, the latter technique can be easily utilized through the creation of a Facebook among many other social media sites pages for your business. If the latter method doesn’t suit you, you may opt for the use of email subscriptions packages whereby you can invite your shoe repair customers to subtribe to your services and they receive a couple of shoe repair newsletters on either a weekly, daily or monthly basis.

  1. The offering of a wide range of shoe repair services.

Here, you need to light the candle on both sides and capture the different range of shoe repair customers who have different needs. I will advise you’re to offer complimentary shoe repair services. At instances, where you may not be able to offer some of the shoe repair services due to the complementary and sophisticated nature, you may liaise with the local shoe hospital or your local cobbler. This may lead to your clients getting VIP services even without them paying additional VIP charges.

  1. The sponsoring of local events

Giving back to the community through the sponsoring of local events and even participating in community donation programs may earn you good shoe repair tenders. These community programs are not only attended by just clients but other organizations that may be there to probably extend an olive branch to other business or form a colloquial partnership in given fields. Besides the sponsorship of the local events, participating in shoe donation programs with a charitable organization may be good marketing idea that may sell you shoe repair company brand name. On top of that, this will be also a good offline marketing strategy that most business has failed to address. Remember, website marketing or any other form of online marketing may not be enough as there are some other instances that clients need to see your shoe repair boots on the grounds. This is due to the fact that there has been a great discrepancy between the real commodity and the one that is being advertised online and this matter has really gotten on the nerves of clients.

In conclusion, there are a lot of both online and offline marketing ideas that could be used to refurbish the shoe repair industry. You can bank on the well explained points to market any type of business and not necessarily the shoe repair business.