5 Major Trends that have been experienced in the Shoe Repair Industries

The shoe repair industry has evolved for a great number of years. The ancient methodology of shoe handcrafting is no longer applicable in the 21st century. Moreover, the advancement with the use of technology in our lives has simplified matters further through the creation of different new trends of doing things. These trends have really shaped up the nature of the services that are provided in the shoe repair industry in one way or another. However, a significant challenge arises with the advancement in the use of technology in the Shoe repair industry. Well, performing the business of the ancient and recent times are being caught up with time and some of their services are no longer required by customers. All this due to the advancement in the use of technology.

On top of that, finding a shoe repair industry who is willing to repair your shoe at fair prices has become quite a voluminous task. The price that is charged by most of the latter industries is becoming more expensive even too given individuals who may just want to repair their shoes for just other reasons. Some of the common trends that have been experienced by this industry include:

the Shoe Repair Industries
the Shoe Repair Industries
  1. The use of online marketing technology in the marketing of their shoe repair services

The available shoe repair industries have shifted to the marketing of their services and commodities through the use of online channels. Some have focused on content marketing, the use of social media sites, the creation of the company website and lastly responding to client orders via their website or other social media platforms. This has greatly increased their participation in the market as clients can visit their websites among other sites and examine the type of services that are being offered by given shoe repair industries. However, the use of this technology comes in handy with additional cost and other unforeseen challenges as sometimes the competitive nature of online marketing may make you spend lots of money in just advertising your services. This idea has come as a big rescue to lots of customers who have been complaining that finding a shoe repair outlet is becoming more and more complex nowadays. By you visiting given online sites pages, you can retrieve their contact information and contact them for clarification and further queries if available.

  1. Customers are learning on effective ways through which they can repair their shoes at home

It’s not just about working from the comfort of your home that’s is cooking on people mind nowadays but also the learning of other simple ways of performing different household chores is becoming more practical and doable. Take an example of locksmith services, whereby individuals nowadays, don’t need to hire a locksmith to by bass their door security system or probably do some home locksmith repair. The same idea is echoed in the shoe repair industry as customers are learning the simple shoe fixes that may not necessarily warrant a cobbler or shoe repair services attention. In the long run, the customers will save a lot of money from the performance of some simple shoe repair services but the reverse will be true for the shoe repair industry as the move is seen to possibly syphon out lots of money from the industry.

  1. There is the use of the state of the art shoe repair machine in the shoe repair process

As with the ancient times, the most prevalent methods of shoe repair was to manual handicraft your shoes one by one until you reach your daily or business target. However, things have changed nowadays as most companies have shifted to the use of the state of the art shoe repairing machines that are more efficient and reliable. Some of the machines include the sewing machines, shoe stretchers machines etc. However, another challenge that arouses is the initial capital outlay that is required for the purchasing of the current shoe repair equipment. Most Small Medium Enterprises are not able to afford the purchase of this machine and this may force them to stick to the traditional methods of performing shoe repairs that may not be good for the shoe repair business

  1. Diversification in the shoe repair activities by most companies

We are used to thinking that any time that we need our shoe sole repaired, our shoe dyed or probably stretched that that’s the correct time when we need to visit shoe repair outlets. However, that has not been the case in the recent times as different shoe repair business are now shifting to the offering of other services like handbag repair among the performance of repair on different varieties of leather related products. On top of that, most shoe repair outlets are now offering new shoe repair services. Once you purchase your shoe and you may like to shop for the color, sole or shoe waterproofing services, you may visit your nearest shoe repair outlet and you will be good to go.

  1. Shoe importation being preferred to shoe repairing services

This trend has really impacted negatively on the shoe repair industry. Competition from shoe manufacturing industries from other countries has really overtaken the shoe repair industry in almost all business facets. Most of the imported shoes attract a large demand of customers due to possibly their fashions trends and the price at which these shoes are sold in the market. The threat of new entrance of the multinational’s business into the shoe importation business has really promoted internal rivalry among different firms as customers keep on substituting different kinds of shoes based on their demand and the available capitation which they have at stake. Possible solutions here not only lies with the shoe repair companies but also other stakeholders have to step in and ensure that the shop repair industry is not burned down to the ground.

In conclusion, there are many trends that have coupled the shoe repair industries. Some of the trends have proved to be beneficial for the shoe repair business but other forms of trends have been detrimental to the success of this business.