Understanding the Range of Products That Are Being Offered at Taylor Rental

Taylor Rental is an online rental company that has been operational since the 20th Century. The company offers a wide range of services that have suited the needs of contractors, industries and homes. By the mere fact that Taylor Rental Company has been in operation since 1997 and up to date, the many years of service speaks voluminously about the quality array of services that are being offered by this lead leader in the rental category.

Taylor rental array of services are being offered in four categories. However, the services are not just limited to the four categories but Taylor Rental has extended an olive branch to its customers who are unable to identify their given service of need at a particular time.

Just in any case whatsoever you are not able to locate a given service which is being offered by the company, you can directly email or call the Taylor Rental staff who will iron out your issues. Some of the four service categories through which Taylor rental offers its services include the special events, Tool rental, Portable toilets and New and Floorcare Equipment.  Let examine each category in details

Taylor Rental
Taylor Rental

Taylor Rental Special Events Category

To begin with, there are a lot of services that are being offered under the special event category. I strongly believe that to make your party/event to have that apparent look that will later create those nostalgic moments, you will need to have an excellent lighting system that will stand out and create that nostalgic atmosphere.

You can rent out some special audio and party events that range from the 50’100 white light décor party on either an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. The daily rental price range stands at $5 daily, $15weekly and $ 45 monthly. The best thing about Taylor rental is that you will have a large number of services to choose from.

You are not only limited to the White light Décor lighting system but you are also provided with other ranges of products like the clear light white décor which still can be hired on an hourly, daily, monthly or weekly intervals at affordable prices. Other ranges of categories under this umbrella that may suit you include the 100’Contractor light, 30’white light décor, the 10’strand 100Oct, white décor light, the lectern table top among other categories.

Their pricing is affordable and matches the quality of products that you will be supplied with. The least rental price per day for their products is $5 and it goes up to $40.50.Moreover, their weekly rental price ranges from $15- $120 and their monthly rental price stand at $45-$364. A point to note is that the prices mentioned are not static but are subject to changes based on a number of factors. Again, the price is exclusive of taxes and other additional fees. However, in some equipment’s, there is the inclusion of the Environmental recovery fee.

Taylor Rental
Taylor Rental

Taylor Rental Power Tool Rental Category.

Under the power tool category a client my rent out different types of tools such as the HILTI LG which is available in two different versions. The Diamond Surfacer, half-inch drill right angle, 7inch grinder of Bosch type, Router of the Woods W/O bits, Circular, compound, undercut and Bosch Saws.  You may also rent out a screw Gun too among other tools in the power tool category.

The rental model is similar to the special event category whereby you can hire the power tools starting from a 2-4 hour basis, daily, weekly and lastly on a monthly basis. However, the sale price to most of the products= are limited as you can only buy out the Diamond Surfacer at a price of $79.9. The price, however, is not inclusive of taxes and other fee and may change with time.

To get access to the wide array of power tool services you will be required to select a variety of tools that you are in need off from Taylor Rental Inventory. This will enable you to quote your request and further make payment for the selected tools via the online catalogue platform.

Taylor Rental Portable Toilets Category.

Taylor Rental is a well-known company that offers portable toilets services since the ancient times. This services best’s suits special events whereby there are a large number of people who surpass the available number of washrooms. Taylor Rental boosts of being the only company to have managed the development two separate inventories of the portable toilets. The two separate inventories of the portable toilets can be used for both special events and the other for contractor’s purposes.

Under the special event category, Taylor rental operates events from just one unit and their portable toilet services can serve up to a crowd of at least 100 people. Taylor Rental portable toilet services are meant for Festivals, homeowners, lake parties and golf courses.  A point to note is that their portable toilet services are not limited to the latterly mentioned events. You can contact Taylor Rental Company staff via Phone or email and book their portable toilet services at your own will and requirements.

The portable toilets facilities are made up of a uniform green colour for special events and the inventories comprise of well-built restrooms, Excellent hand washing equipment’s which are well equipped with hand washing sanitizers.  The Taylor rental staff are well equipped with adequate and prerequisite skills that enables them to manage the portable toilets services in a professional manner.

Taylor rental selling and renting out Floorcare Equipment’s

Taylor Rental sales a wide range of floor care equipment such as HD Cleaners of different versions, Anti foam cleaners, blower fan, carpet cleaners of different versions that suit different types of carpets. Carpet cutters, Odor removers, Pet urine Eliminators among many other floor care equipment’s

The different services will ensure that your floor remains clean and pure regardless of the nature of cleaning task that is at hand. The prices at which the Floorcare commodities are being sold at is at pocket-friendly prices. It also worth noting that the Tylor Rental companies not only sales some Floorcare commodities but also rents out some of the Floorcare commodities at affordable price

In conclusion, there are a lot of services that Taylor Rental Company operates. It thus jots down to you requesting a quote for your service of interest.