Luxury Nail Spa

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Luxury Nail Spa: (address) 3519 York Commons Blvd, Dayton, Ohio 45414; (website); (Phone)  937-454-6460

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Luxury Nail Salon

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Luxury Nails: A Nail Salon That Almost Nails It

As men, we always find it difficult and confusing to get a present for our wives whereas they get happy very easily. A little appointment to the Luxury Nail Spa where you would make a surprise appointment for her will be enough to make her smile. If you are a lady and don’t know what to say when your man asks you what you want for birthday or anniversary, do not forget to mention Luxury Nail Spa. They would be the best to make you feel special and also help you get ready before the dinner date.

Luxury Nail Spa

Luxury Nail Spa

Let us see how they work

  • Make an appointment

You make to book ahead at a time that matches you, you can call in the phone number mentioned above or simply just walk-in. Walk-ins might require waiting.  Most customers say that the nail technician rushed them through the service.

  • Ahead of time

Please if it is not a problem for you, come at least five minutes prior to your appointment so they can plan what you want along with you. Arriving late may get your nail treatment to be something that you did not anticipate. Also, the next customer might make a rush when it is going to be her time.

  • Cancellation way

They obviously would not mind if you cancel the booking. Everyone has emergencies and problems. It can happen that you have to be somewhere else in the last minute. So, do you think you need to call and tell them? Yes, it is a courtesy and that makes you more special. Also, if you are willing to shift hours, they would love to do that.

  • Maintain the atmosphere

You can help them by creating a beautiful scenario so that everyone can relax. Even if you are with a group of friends (5 friends get 10% discount on services above $16), you can still make a soothing environment. You can keep the phones on silent and talk slowly so that everyone including other customers can relax.

  • Valuable items

Your belongings are important. Do not expect that the Luxury Nail Spa authority is going to take responsibility or look after them while you are busy. It is your duty to keep the precious items safe. Also, find out what is the cost and why are your being billed with that amount. It can be $75 which is not less so find out what got the cost to go so high.

  • Little ladies

Do not leave your princesses at home. Bring them here for a polish change or manicure and pedicure. If she is a well-mannered sweetheart but younger than 12, you can still bring her. You can let her stay home if you think that the princess can get rowdy.

  • Medical conditions

Some medical concerns will prevent them from delivering some of their services, so ensure to let them know if you have problems with any item. If you develop skin problems with use of a certain chemical or such can be vital for them to know. Luxury Nail Spa has a reputation for being clean. Those who visit regularly, when asked why they choose this over others they said it is because of cleanliness. Hygiene and cleanliness is much more important that price. You do not want to get infected with a disease while you are saving money. What is the point of having a wallet full of money if you are going to sick and spend it on all on medicines and visits to the doctor?

  • Making amends

They are proud of delivering high standards and devotion to detail. Though, if you have any problems or you are not satisfied they will opportunely fix any issue if you let them know about it and come back before 24 hours.  They ensure you have a relaxing day and their behavior is polite. Previously, there were complaints about behavior from staffs who do not even speak English themselves. They made such an environment where it became uncomfortable to visit the nail spa but now that is taken care of. You are spending more than usual; don’t you think you deserve the best?

Is Luxury Nail Spa safe?

What is not to adore about a professional mani-pedi? It is contingent on where you visit. If a spa is not sanitary, you are in danger of anything from a minor headache due to strong fumes to a grave infection from dirty utensils. You can be sure that Luxury Nail Spa is clean and maintains high standards. If you still have doubts, there is one way to find out. Visit the washroom!

If the nail polish makes your eyes cry, there is obviously something fishy and you cannot avoid that. Avoid the nail polish though. Tainted tools can carry big germs, which can lead to a fungal infection to a staph contagion. Nail salon should just be careful as dentists. Just think what you would do if you knew that the dentist did not steam or soak the utensils before using it on you. You would become angry because the last patient’s germs are being transferred to you. If you want, you can bring your kit that you have at home. You can carry a nail file because that can have dead cells of another person.

What to get?

Since it is summer, you would love a gel nail polish of pink color. Summer is the right time to experiment with yourself when it is about beauty. While you are switching from the off shoulder dress to floral maxi dress, you should experiment with your nails. When I mentioned pink, I meant the light and soft one not the hot pink or the dark one. That would guarantee a super feminine manicure even if it is at the end of the summer. If it is your birthday or anniversary and have to attend the party or the date with your man, you can never go wrong with a classic red. That never gets out of style. If you are trying to stand out from the crowd this summer, go with blue.

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