Vape Shops Canada

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Vaping has shifted during the recent years and now the shops and the ways to look for them is totally changed. You can easily get vaping hardware and liquids through online shops as well. Most of these shops are also providing free shipping and money back guarantee as well. This makes it safe for all of us to look and buy things online as well. Here we are going to discuss about the vape shops in Canada which are providing the best services in the country. In order to look for the shop near you, you can use the vape shop locator tool.


This is a shop located in the province of Ontario. Like many others they are also offering free shipping in the country with a reward of 5$ cash back as well. They are known in the country for their quality of liquids and e-juices. They have a catchy and beautiful website as well which displays all the products they are having with their prices as well. They are providing weekly promotions as well which is the reason for the boost in their sale recently. Apart from vaping there are also providing accessories to the clients.

Key Services and Products

  1. They have a large variety of e-juices.
  2. They are also providing huge amount of atomizers as well.
  3. Vape29 is offering weekly promotions to the customers.
  4. They are providing delivery across the whole country with cash back as well.
  5. You can return the product within 30 days after buying.

DashVapes Toronto

Another name in the Canada for Vaping is DashVapes Toronto. This shop is offering free shipping to the all the domestic orders which makes them the best. The moment you place the order on their website they will dispatch the product to your address which shows their customer care. They have a large variety of vaping products. Mostly they are known for the variety of e-juices on their store. They have accessories and kits as well regarding vaping on their store. Their website gives you all the information you need about the products they are offering with the price tags as well. You can also get gifts from them after buying the e-juices or any other product.

Key services and features

  1. Best quality e-juices with a vast variety.
  2. They are having all kind of accessories as well.
  3. They are offering a 30 day return as well.
  4. The shipping is free for all the customers.
  5. The promotions and clearance offers can give you products at cheap rates.

EsmokerCanada Inc.

This is another name in the e-smoking and gives you the best environment you can wish in the whole Canada. They are having almost all the brands of vaping on their store. E-cig is their specialty and no other vape shop in Canada can match their products. You can get e-liquid bottles as well from this vape shop.

They also offer free giveaway to the customers to attract them. All the products are listed on their website with their prices as well. They provide the best customer care in the whole Canada. They are offering 6 months warranty on their products which shows their commitment to the quality of products. Any loss during the shipment will be returned to the shop and you can get the new product from the store.

Key services and products

  1. The best brands at one location.
  2. EsmokerCanada is offering 6 month warranty on all their products.
  3. Any loss during the shipment is in the company’s account.
  4. Specialized in e-cig and gives you a large variety of products.

180 Smoke Vape Store

This is another simple yet great vape store in Canada. They are also having a large variety of products in their store. They have branded e-cig, e-liquids, tanks, coils and all type of accessories in their store under one roof. The store is launched by a leading heart surgeon of Canada. You can order anything from the variety of products available on their store. They are known for their customer support in the country and the store remains crowded during the whole day. They think about all type of smokers and stay ahead from all others to give the best quality products to the smokers. They are committed to improve the products even further. They love to take reviews from people. They are conscious about the health of their customers and giving them the best possible products.

Key Services and products

  1. They are committed to excellence in all departments.
  2. Think of their customers as their own team.
  3. They also offer different discount deals to their customers.
  4. A large number of products regarding vaping are available on their store.

Doctor Vape Canada

They are known as doctor vape in the market. Like all other stores they are also proving a variety of products to their customers in Canada. E-liquids, e-cig and all other accessories are available on their store. They are also providing dry herbs to their customers. The best thing about them is that they offer discount on almost all of their products. You can get all types of mods and starter kits as well from Dr Vape. The shipment to the whole country is free and they have a return policy as well if the product is not what you were expecting.

Key Services and Products

  1. They are having a large number of products regarding vaping.
  2. You can get discount on almost all of their products.
  3. They offer a return policy to the client as well.
  4. The health and satisfaction of their client is their first objective.

These are some of the vape shops in Canada which are giving the best vape products to their customers. Which one of them is your favorite? Do share your experience if you already visited any of them.

If you think a vape store is better than these then do mention it in the comments below and we will add it in our article.

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