Asian Star

Asian Star

Asian Star: 554 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92867; Tel: 714) 532-6858;

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Dining at Asian Star, you will be surprised because of the excellence and quality of service. Some people did not want to try it and after they got a spoonful of their food in the mouth, they were more than shocked. It is also a convenient place because it has delivery options. It is strange when a restaurant does not have options for delivery. Also, you can take food as take out. Some places offer just take out whereas here you can get both. It is also perfect for kids so next time when you come here, bring them.

Asian Star

Asian Star

The people come to eat here loves this place because of the taste of the food and the customer service. You can have a lot of options. If you order carefully, you should be able to have enough food for two days! The quantity is huge and the price is less. Some folks do not like Chinese food loves to eat at this place. That means the taste here must be really appetizing. When Asian star opened many years ago, taking as its inspiration people could only roll their eyes. The kind of restaurant with the name “Asian star” has long been a fitting of Orange, a sort of wonderful diner dispensing house garlic chicken, orange flavored beef, and sweet and pungent shrimp at prices everyone can afford. There are many college students who cannot spend money on expensive Chinese food thus they pick Asian star. Not everyone has the money to spend on lavish Chinese food. You can be starving or you could be sick and not feel like cooking. Simply order online or through phone and a very nice and gentle man will deliver at your doorstep.

It is surprising, as well as disappointing that there are many Chinese restaurants which deliver food to your doorstep but the service is very bad. The ones delivering has an attitude and upon complaining to the manager, they take the side of the staff rather than the customer. The foods come soggy or cold and the amount is small. They think that the person is eating at home so what can they do. A person eating at home is just as powerful as the one eating in the restaurant. They can put up a review or a photo of the food and that will make the business go down with few weeks. The best part is that Asian Star somehow manages to deliver food hot and fresh. You can have the Honey Walnut Shrimp, Kung Pao Chicken and the dumplings. These are some items the regulars order.

You order their food as they have a huge collection of items just for you and the best part is that you can save it for dinner. There are so many items that you can look at the menu for hours. That is why to help, here is a simple explanation. If you are a beef lover, you can take the Mongolian Beef ($6.95) or beef with snow peas ($6.95) if you are not on the spicy side. If you are a broccoli lover or you like to eat healthy, pick the Beef with broccoli ($6.95). For the spicy and hot food lovers, there is the Nan Yang Beef (7.25), Beijing Beef ($6.95) and the Korean BBQ Beef ($7.25). You will notice that the prices are all below $10. Wait, they are below $9. No, they are below $8!

Do not think that we are playing with you and the cost is going to go up when you get the seafood or chicken. Seafood is pricey in most places maybe because of lack of supply or because they need a lot of care. The chicken dishes are a delight, carved in a way that it oozes juices, and so are the beef ones. It comes dozed with a friendly marinating, done by the cooks — which is not below any other Chinese restaurant. Other notable selections include vegetable spring roll, Beijing Chow Mein, Szechuan Beef, Pad Thai Noodles and Wonton Soup. The chefs are always improving the menu, making every visit an interesting one.

Asian Star has a hypnotic stage presence. When the chef stands in front of the counter, the several years old displays the control and poise through its monologues pour out keep on bringing the regulars back. Slicing fish into exact lobes, positioning a fascinating mix of different ingredients, pouring squishes of spice and sauce into the wok to serve on top of the meat, the chefs remains rivetingly determined on the dishes they are preparing. They bend their solid frame toward the elements they handle.

The delivery charge is zero dollars, making it more excellent than other places. It opens a 11 AM every day and closes at 9:30 PM. It remains closed on Tuesdays. The payment can be made through MasterCard, Cash, Visa, Discover, American Express and PayPal. The minimum order is $15 and the areas are Villa Park, Olive and Chapman University.

You should also know which dishes to avoid so that you do not end up wasting money. Do not get the following dishes: BBQ Pork Moo Shu, BBQ Pork Fried Rice, Nanyang Fried Rice, BBQ Pork Moo Shu and Cha Shui Bao. Nobody eats those when they go there. Even if they do, there is no positive reviews about them. Besides, pork is not healthy nor tasty. Asian start is offering a lot of variety such as Chinese, vegetarian and seafood. Therefore, pick one that is healthy and will be good for the body.

The cooking rests upscale, with an importance on pristine and seasonal ingredients. We all know that Americanized Chinese restaurants are getting popular with each day, but there is always a problem. Either the place does not have delivery or they only have take-out and dine in is not possible. Asian Star gives you all the freedom and the food can last for two days. The chefs pay attention to each of the customer’s plates. Their system of food delivery is also healthy and safe unlike other places where the container just melts when they put the hot food.

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