China King Menu

China King Menu: what to pick for meals

What is China King MenuThere are multiple branches of China King in Virginia just to serve their customers. The price is reasonable so you can skip cooking for a day and order food from here. Although they do not have home delivery options, you can always get take out. They do not take reservations. It is a kid-friendly place but without any outdoor seating. There is place for bike parking and the attire is casual so you can stop by whenever you want.

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If you are looking for recommendations on what to eat, here are some of the items that you cannot miss.

China King Menu

China King Menu

Vegetable fried rice and Hot and sour soup

If you take the combination of these two items, the meal will be done in less than $8 and you can go home with a full stomach. If you are not a big fan of vegetables you can always substitute it with the China King Fried Rice which is full of protein. It has beef, chicken and shrimp and the meat will blow you away with the taste. The hot and sour soup has a beautiful golden color texture and it is spicy. Normally, in many places the fried rice usually disappoints, here it is completely different. That is why regulars order rice from here. The amount is quite big and if you cannot finish off at once, you can store in the refrigerator. It will still be fresh. Although rice is not traditional in America, it is important to the Chinese people. The menu is not crowded with too many rice options though, so it is being fair to everyone.

The bowl of hot and sour soup will warm you up and if you are trying to feel comfortable in cold weathers, it is the perfect one. You can satisfy your appetite in a hydrating and healthy way. Unlike other food items, here you do not throw away the water so the nutrients still live in it. Plus, the vegetables in the rice makes it a healthy meal at under $8. The customers say that the amount of rice is a lot and they always have left over for another meal. Also, many people are scared to try vegetable dishes being afraid that it would taste bad and be a waste of their money. After trying the veggie dishes from the China King Menu, the people always go home satisfied.

Vegetable Lo Mein

China King Menu

China King Menu

When you are in the mood for noodles, go with the vegetable Lo Mein. The amount is enough for three people and costs only $5.95! If you are eating alone, you can store it for eating later on. The Lo Mein being cooked with vegetables makes it a healthy dish and Lo Mein is perfect if you are trying to stay fit. It will make you feel full and you will not want to have junk foods or other snacks the whole day. If you are a vegetarian, you should take this. Many place offers Lo Mein but they are always not delicious. If you are taking the chicken or beef one, they put lots of meat in it. The meat will be visible and you will get a piece in each spoon.

General Tsao’s Chicken  

It is a hot and spicy dish which is the chef’s specialty. If you are carrying out a survey and ask hundred people about what they eat at China King. At least, 99 of them would say they have the General Tsao’s Chicken.

There is no exact or precise reason to why it is so popular but the reason could be the delicious and mouth-watering sauce they put. The chicken is tender and juicy and consist of carrots, dried chili peppers and green peppers. In China, they do not eat General Tsao’s Chicken but it is popular in America. There is no precise or correct way of making the sauce so you will be lucky to find a place that makes delicious sauce. Therefore, the China King is perfect. While you are checking the China King menu, do not forget to add General Tsao’s Chicken to your meal.

Sesame Chicken

It is another Chef’s specialty. The sesame chicken is crispy chicken with savory and sweet sauce with heaps of sesame seeds. People love this because it is easy to get takeout rather than making at home. Some say that the sesame seeds lack in amount but then again, the taste is good. Visual is less important than what it tastes like. The dish is the Chinese takeout restaurants’ golden child as customers and guests just cannot get enough of it. If you check the Chef’s Specialties in the menu, you will find it right there.

Egg Roll

From the appetizer section, you can get the egg roll. It is cheap and tasty. The customers say that is better than most other places they tried. It is not doughy and the filling is in large amounts. The taste is appetizing and you will want to have it again and again. They also serve it with mustard and sweet and sour sauce.

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