Brother’s Pizza Menu

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About brother’s pizza and Subs Restaurant. The Brother’s pizza restaurant is owned and run by a family. The restaurant was first opened in 1976 and has operated in Woodbridge and its environs since then. Food gets prepared as it gets ordered; therefore, you can rest assured that you will get freshly cooked or baked meals. For pizza lovers, top-notch pizza made with a seasoned baking stone which is the only NY style pizza you can enjoy in this part of the Jersey is what will get offered to you. You will also get fresh sandwiches, vegetable toppings, among other meals which you can either have as a takeout, have them delivered, or eat at the restaurant. This article is the ideal guide on what to expect on the Brother’s Pizza Menu. Read on to find out what is in stock for you.

The packages available on the Menu


Brother’s Pizza Menu

Brother’s Pizza Menu

Before getting started on the main meal, you will get offered appetizers which include, French fries, sausage rolls (hot or cold), fried mushrooms with ranch dressing. Shrimp and chips with cocktail sauce (five pieces & fries), pepperoni rolls, fish and fries basket (3 fish), Garlic rolls, fried mushrooms with ranch dressing, and cheese fries also get offered. Fried mozzarella sticks with tomato sauce, jalapeno Hoppers breaded and stuffed cheddar cheese, chicken strips and fries basket (5 pieces), extra sauce of dressing, soup and salad combo (seasonal), and soup of the day (annual) are more delicacies on the list. Their prices range from $0.75 to $8.95.

Wrap lovers  also get sorted

  1. Gyro Pita wrap which comes with French fries includes; gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, cucumber sauce, and onion wrapped in a slice of pita bread.
  2. There is also a chicken wrap dressed in chicken, provolone, lettuce, onion, and tomato. You will get to enjoy a cover of your choice for only $8.95.

Kids have their unique delicacies to and will always ask for more

Your children are not left behind because this particular menu was made just for them. Their list includes,

  1. 3 Chicken strips served with fries,
  2. Spaghetti served with 2 Meatballs,
  3. Cheese Ravioli
  4. Cheese Tortellini. All these are available for only $6.95.

There are always a variety of desserts for you

  1. You will get In-house creations
  2. The New York Style Cheesecake, and
  3. “3-D” cheesecake (chocolate layer cake with chocolate fudge layer. All these will only cost you $4.25. There is also the Cannoli Silician delicacy for $3.50.
Brother’s Pizza Menu

Brother’s Pizza Menu

Beverages range from wines, soft drinks, and bottled beer

  1. If you prefer wine, you can choose House Wines by Sutter Homes (California), or House of Chianti y Ruffino (Italy) full-bodied dry red wine. Glass is $3.95 while a bottle is $13.95.
  2. Bottled beer includes Bud Light, Miller Lite, Yuengling for $3.95 and Shock Top for $4.25. During Happy Hours which starts from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (daily), you get your favorite beer for $2.50.
  3. Soft drinks are; Fanta Orange, iced tea, diet coke, coca-cola, and Birch beer for $2.25. There is also a sweet drink for kids or milk for $1.75 and juice, coffee or hot tea for$1.95. You will get free refills for in-house soft beverages only.

You will not want to miss out on these salads!

  1. The Greek salad, Dinner Salad, Family Salad, Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad, Antipasto, Grilled (crispy) Chicken Salad,
  2. Chicken and Tuna Salad Plate, Bleu Cheese and Fat-Free Honey Mustard, French,
  3. The award-winning Italian Vinegarette which gets made with the restaurant’s unique ingredient is what you can buy all their prices range from $3.95 to $10.95.

The Brother’s 2 For 1 Low Price Deal

You will only get this offer on The Brother’s Pizza Restaurant. The package includes;

  1. Two 16″ Pizzas with cheese and tomato sauce for $18.95,
  2. Two 14″ Pizza with two toppings each, and
  3. Two 16″ Pizza with two toppings each for $21.00 both.

The Brother’s New York Style Pizza

This unique pizza comes in small, large and extra large sizes.

The Pizza gets baked in broad types which include;

  1. White Pizza New York Style, Greek Pizza, All Meat Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Veggie Pizza, Pesto Pizza, and of course the Brother’s “7” Topping Special.

These Pizzas come with toppings such as plum tomato, garlic, black olive, olive oil, mushrooms, green peppers, Mozzarella, Ricotta cheese and many more. Their prices range from $1.65 to $18.95.

The Hot or Cold Subs Served on Toasted Sub Rolls

  1. The Hot Subs

They are either medium or large which include; Chicken, Meatballs, Philly Sausage Sub, Eggplant, and Sausage Parmigiana, Brother’s, Veggie, Pizza Steak, Steak and Cheese Supreme, Fried fish Sub and many more. The Subs get dressed in tomato sauce, cheese, onion, fried mushroom, B.B.Q sauce, hot thin sliced corn beef among others.

  1. The Cold Subs

They are cold, but can get heated upon your request.

The Cold Subs include; Sicilian Hoagie, Tuna Fish, Turkey and cheese, Italian Supreme Hoagie, Ham, and Cheese. The toppings are provolone, swiss cheese, salami, ham, bacon, onion, turkey, and tomato.  There are also additional submarine Sandwich Toppings like green pepper, mushrooms and olives, extra cheese, and extra meat. These yummy Subs are $1.25 to $9.25.

The Entries

They get served with soup or salads

These are house specials made from scratch. They include;

  1. Spaghetti which can get served with four meatballs, meat sauce, sausage, and tomato sauce.
  2. Baked Ziti, spaghetti, and
  3. Stuffed Shells.
  4. Veal, Eggplant, and Chicken Parmigiana with spaghetti which get covered with the homemade pasta sauce and Mozzarella.
  5. Manicotti and Lasagna which get stuffed with ricotta cheese, meat sauce, and mozzarella.

The Brother’s Pizza Specialities

The Brother’s Pizza Restaurant will always have something special for their customers. On this menu, you will get to enjoy,

  1. 1.The finger-licking Calzone or Pizza Turnover (plenty for one, enough for two).
  2. The half-moon shaped Calzone stuffed with ham, cheese, mozzarella, and ricotta.
  3. Stromboli which serves 3-5,
  4. Spinach Calzone, Silician “7” Topping Special, and Silician Pan Pizza which is extra thick. All these get served with toppings such as black olive, cheese, onions and many more. You can also get extra toppings at a low cost of $2.95.

At Brother’s Pizza Restaurant, you will always get plenty of meals. You can choose to eat in, take out or get the food delivered to your doorstep. For the best Indian, Italian and old-school Pizza, you will have to check in and encounter these mouthwatering dishes. The staff is friendly and easy to interact. There is also plenty of space. Therefore, it is a recommended place for family and friends dining. Make plans for a visit to this incredible site.

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