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The location of China cafe is 13 East 37th Street, New York, NY 10016. If you are in New York, free up some time from your schedule and stop by China café because it is good enough to let you have a pleasant time and experience. In Midtown, you will find a lot of reasons to like this Cafe.

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Firstly, is the ambience and the place. You will love how it looks with the screens, portraits and mirrors.  You will feel like you are in the history or an early era at Shanghai. That is where the café originally wants to take you and the owners are a couple, Xian Zhang and wife Yiming Wang.  There is an attractive glass supported bar, furnished chairs, curtains and lamps; do you not hate it when you have to wait for the food and five minutes feels like an hour. It is worse when there is nothing to look at just the chairs and tables. Here you can look at the paintings, decorations and all other items kept just for you. there’s enough to keep you looking around for ages before your meal arrives. Another way to stay busy is looking at the menus. It is not those restaurants you visit where the menu is just your regular appetizer and entrée and concluding with desserts and drink section. There is so much that you will want to explore and time will go by just reading it.

Let us talk about the food. Since there i

China cafe

China cafe

s a lot of food, confusions can arise. For you first visit, try the rabbit.

Spicy Diced Rabbit

There is not a single person who did not like the Spicy Diced Rabbit. The price is $9. You will like how juicy the bones and the rabbit nuggets turn out to be. As you can tell from the name, it is going to be in small pieces. The delicious nuggets will be presented in a smoky and hot chili vinaigrette. The chefs have a lot of experience in producing Sichuan cuisine and that is why they have the Michelin star.

Bang Bang Chicken costs around nine dollars and it comes with strong flavors that will not fail to blow you away. Here the chicken pieces are shredded and they are really juicy and soft.  There are a lot of appetizers but you might like this more.

There is a duck dish you can try which is Peppercon and Duck Tongue. It costs $10 and comes with mind-blowing flavors and the dish will be juicy and moist.   The predominant flavor can be similar to scallion oil instead of peppercorn, no matter what you will like it.

The Dan Dan Noodles costing $6, will come with a roasted chili vinaigrette that makes this noodles stand out from the crowd. You can skip the Pork Dumplings in Chili Oil because they have a sweetness which is not alright unless you want to eat something extra sweet. Who would want something sweet while devouring on these tasty hot items?

You can also try their soups such as the Wonton Soup, Butter Squash Soup or the Clear Soup with Meatballs. No matter which one you try, you will their taste. They can be a good start to your meal.

Spicy Cumin Lamb

When it is about the entrées confusion can strike you. Therefore, go with the spicy cumin lamb. You can also go with the dry-fried Chungking (Chongqing) Spicy Chicken that costs $15. The execution was perfect and you will like how the taste and flavors blend in.  The aroma of the roasted chilis, chubby portions of ginger, Sichuan pepper, and sesame seeds is going to make you want to eat more. There is a crispy feel on the outer part and there is no starchy feel and the inside is excessively moist.

The lamb is going to cost $19. Lamb is supposed to cost more because it has a higher price than other meats in Southern Asia. The cumin and cilantro stems match with the soft and medium rare lamb. The lamb is an excellent example how much effort they put into their dishes.

You will not like the Double Cooked Pork with Smoked Tofu which is $15. Do yourself a favor and do not have that. Rather pick the lamb or chicken.  The moto of the restaurant is that East meets West but it is more like Americans meeting excellent Sichuan food.

If you are more into fish than meat, you can try the Spicy Baked Whole Fish. It comes with mushroom, cumin and bamboo shoot. You will love the luscious taste it brings to the plate. It is not only flavorful but healthy as well. You can also try the Fish Blossom because it comes with an excellent sauce. The sauce is sweet and sour with the crunchy boneless tilapia.

The restaurant offers lunch at reasonable price such as Kung Pao Chicken, Sweet and Sour Baby Ribs, and Eggplant in Garlic Sauce at $12 only. You will get brown or white rice and soup or spring roll. It is perfect for visiting during lunch time which from 11 AM to 3 PM. The

Szechuan Beef Noodles is only $12 and it comes with snow pea shoots and large chunks of beef. Everything here is spicy because that is what makes Sichuan Cuisine stand out. The cuisine has a reputation for its diversity of seasonings that is put into cooking, as each dish requires different preparation approaches.

Sichuan foods are most well-known for its hot and peppery flavor, though it may have sweetness with a bit of sour flavors as well. You will get the “The Five Fragrances” that is missing in many other types of cuisines and they are aniseed, fennel, pepper, clove, cinnamon, and Sichuan pepper as well as chili. China Café does an excellent job at keeping this reputation and people over there loves their food. It won the Michelin star because it provides original Chinese cuisine unlike other restaurants which serve Chinese food that is styled in an American way. It was the owners idea and dream to keep it completely traditional.

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