China Chef

China Chef


There are many restaurants that receives a lot of positive and negative reviews making them a confusing one. You will not be sure whether you should go there or not. China Chef gets all the puzzles out because it gets only positive reviews. In fact, if you search on the world-wide web for the best place to eat in Colchester, you will end up with China Chef. Although there may be something you want to be aware of to make your experience worth it. While the restaurant does an excellent job at serving people fresh and delicious food, they also have the best and cleanest ambience.

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As a matter of fact, people use to rate them 4 out of 5 or something like that but after they made improvements, people visiting now gives them a five star.


Many Chinese restaurants have a lot of staffs working, one serving the food, the other at the cash register, others waiting to serve drinks etc. The same is here at China Chef but the difference is their behavior is polite and kind.

China Chef
China Chef

“The staffs were rude but we did not care because how much can you expect from them, we went for the food and came out ignoring the behavior”

“The woman at the cash register was rude and did not even smile when I told her that I liked the food”

“The behavior is not what I expected but what can I do I had to be happy with the food and overlook the cruel look”

These are some of the things people say when they visit other Chinese restaurants but the experience is completely different here. The staffs receive a lot of praises and compliments from the guests, customers and people. If you think that you should ignore the rude behavior and go just for the food than you are wrong. Well-behaved workers are just as important as the quality and class of food. Here the guests say that the staffs have the nicest manners. Some of the comments from guests of China Chef are

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“The staffs are friendly, polite and caring”

“They serve the food with attention and care and it is great to find a restaurant where you know the people working have an excellent personality”

“It is amazing to know that you walk in China Chef and know that the food and service will be equally fantastic because of its staffs”

One thing to notice is that it is surprising that they do not welcome babies as babies tend to cry. The place is suitable for night owls because it remains open it 11:30 PM. Another thing to be careful is that do not expect sweet behavior while making a reservation on the phone.


The restaurant is spectacular both inside and outside. The design is a grand and wonderful one. The breathtaking interior design will make you feel like you are having a meal at a ball. The place is lively and good-looking. The inside is not only stunning but also very clean. As mentioned before, the staffs are polite and besides that they are also hard-working. They put a lot of effort to keep the place free of marks, stains and dirt. You do not want to eat at a place that is not scrubbed or washed. The dirt-free and hygienic ensures a nutritious meal every time. It is surprising that many Chinese restaurants even in United States are not properly cleaned and people ignore that. They just take it at home and eat or order over the phone and pick their food. If you are in search for a hygienic and pristine place to have food with friends, family or just yourself, settle for China Chef.

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Cleanliness is perhaps the second most vital aspect of an eatery, coming subsequent to quality of food. Every customer likes to put their trust onto a restaurant that has approved sanitation and health values, so keeping the restaurant dining and kitchen zones clean is a big part of the achievement of the business. Eateries with bad hygiene are never going to succeed because of their dirty secrets. Those secrets will expose and the people will learn about its poor hygiene. The eating places should be clean or else the people eating there can develop diseases.


The food is always served fresh and hot. The place receives lots of positive reviews because of the taste of the food. People go there with their work associates, friends and family and nobody was ever disappointed. The chef asks about your food allergies so that you can have a wonderful experience dining.

If you are not sure about what to order, here are some of the dishes that can help you decide. If you are going with another person for dinner, SET Dinner A is the right choice as it comes with the honey roast ribs which a must-have. It will come with chicken and mushrooms, shrimp chow Mein and fried rice. You will also get the chicken in Cantonese Styles that tastes sweet and sour. Another one you can have is the Szechuan Dinner and again because of the hot and spicy ribs. People who eats there recommends the ribs. The second dinner set comes with King Prawns in Chili Sauce, Deep-fried Shredded Beef with Chili, Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Szechuan Assorted Vegetables and Egg-fried Rice. The first one is £15.80 only and the second is £19.

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You should ignore the Pork dishes because the customers said that it is not tasty and it is full of fat. Rather take the sliced beef in black bean sauce or minced beef with French beans Szechuan style. Since they allow alcohol, it is better not take your child there. You can try the egg-fried rice. The chef’s selection is everyone’s favorite. No matter what you pick from there, it will always be tasty. It starts with Sizzling Beef Fillet in Oriental Sauce (£14.30), Sizzling Beef Fillet in Black Pepper Sauce (£14.30), King Prawns in Rich Garlic Sauce (£ 9.60), Mixed Seafood in Satay Sauce (£9.90), Chicken in Satay Sauce (£8.50), Sizzling Lamb with Ginger and Spring Onion (£9.50), Sizzling Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion (£ 9.50), Smoked Shredded Chicken (£8.50) and lastly the Chicken in Oriental Sauce (£ 8.50).

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