Four Brothers Pizza


How They Began The Pizza Making Business? In the early 70s, The Four Brothers (Stefanopolous Brothers) left their country Greece in search of greener pastures and with high expectations that they would prosper abroad. They had a great love for one another, unity and they were all inspiring one another to succeed. In 1972, their first location got opened in Connecticut.

Through hard work and cooperation, they already had five restaurants together by 1974 named Brothers Pizza. They discovered the great recipe at the Brothers Pizza Lakeville, CT. The Brothers began making the tastiest pizzas and gained reputation and loyalty among their customers. In 1976, Four Brothers Pizza Inn began with the brothers discover the Greek recipe. Since then, they have gotten their fresh dairy products, olive oil, and orchids from their local farm and have continued delivering mesmerizing meals. This article will give you a complete insight on offers you will get at Four Brothers Pizza.

Four Brothers Pizza

Four Brothers Pizza

The award-winning menu

Your meals will get prepared with high techniques and excellent recipes. However, you might not get all the ingredients listed on the menu. You can request your attendant to get your meal prepared for your preference. In case you are allergic to any of the components, consider that sorted. The menu includes;

  • Appetizers such as Coconut shrimps served with orange marmalade, Stuffed Grape leaves with rice served with peppers and lemon, garlic bread, and spinach & artichoke dip served with tortilla chips.
  • Soups; French onion and Soup of the Day.
  • Sides; onion rings, cole slaw, broccoli, vegetables, sausages, meatballs, French fries&potato salads.
  • Beverage include; Coffee, Tea, Beer, Shakes, Floats, Milk, smoothies and wine.
  • Salads, Desserts, Pasta, Grinders, Burgers,  Wraps, Seafood, Pizza, Chicken and House Favorites are also available.
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Reservation gets offered for all your events

At Four Brothers Pizza, you will always find the perfect choice for, family gatherings, corporate events, birthday parties, wedding reception, and many more. You are required to fill a form online or in the restaurant of your location. In the Form,  you will get to indicate the number of the guests, your area, and the date of inquiry. In case you want to make the same day reservation, call the Four Brothers location you are inquiring about as the customer service staff respond immediately to calls and emails. For your ticket to get complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

You can purchase other products apart from your meals

You can get:

  • The unique Greek salad dressing at $24.95-$29.95
  • Olive Oil at $8.95-$18.95
  • The wonderfully designed Shirts for $19.95

If you love Nightlife, consider Four Brothers for ultimate fun

The Doorman who is always calm will usher you inside with style. You can also rest assured that your bartender will get to serve you fast and deliver what you ask. There are TVs everywhere which you will get to watch no matter where you will get seated.  There is a  pool table game, the Juke Box which got a variation of music, Arcade games, and also a patio outside where you can relax and have fun. Smoking is not allowed inside, but you can smoke from the area out. By the time you become a regular, the bartenders will get to know your preferences, and you won’t have to make orders as you will get served when you arrive.

Four Brothers Pizza

Four Brothers Pizza

The restaurant has favorable opening and closing hours

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The restaurant opens at 10:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm. You will always get some late night food that is not overpriced, and the chefs can prepare you something which might not be on the menu if they got the ingredient at hand.

Calm music with low volume levels

Whenever you want to unwind from your daily activities, this place is just perfect because everything is fresh. You will get to enjoy your delicious meals in a relaxed environment with the right level of music volumes. There is no way another way to relieve stress and also chat with friends and family. Controlled music creates this favorable atmosphere.

Excellent delivery service

You don’t have to walk into the restaurant to get a meal. You just have to make an order online, and after getting a confirmation email, you can patiently wait for your order to get delivered to your doorstep. You will get what you ordered, and the meals are always hot and fresh. The delivery process takes less than 25 minutes.

Friendly Staff and Patrons

  • The staff is professionally trained to deliver top-notch hospitality
  • They are always ready to serve you and fulfil your orders as fast as possible
  • They are easy to interact with and very friendly
  • You can quickly talk to the patrons, and through this, you will always feel welcome

The Restaurant is still neat and clean

You will ever eat food prepared under highly observed hygienic measures. It is not easy to find a place that is clean and at the same time offers high-quality meals. Your health is the core value, and at Four Brothers Pizza, cleanliness gets the priority.

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Reasonable prices in addition to quality meals

Whether you decide to eat in, take out, or have your meals delivered, cost efficiency is the key. You will get your favorite meals at affordable prices you can comfortably pay. Quality meals at a reasonable price are what anybody wishes.

Healthy ingredients get used in meal preparations

The smoothies get prepared with organic supplements and real fruits. You can pick your preferred fruit at the smoothies section. The toppings which are ever fresh, get carefully put on the pizza or any other meal. The meals are not very oily, and the sauce is just right.

Various methods of payment

You don’t have to worry whenever you don’t have any cash on you, and you want to grab a bite. You can pay by;

  1. American Express
  2. Discover
  3. MasterCard
  4. Visa

You now have sufficient information about Four Brothers Pizza. The food is so yummy, while very nutritious too. For generous and quality portions of meals, try this restaurant, and you will never go wrong. You will get to enjoy the exceptional Greek cuisine, while the entire menu is very diverse. You will always feel at home because the staff is amicable and the whole experience is fantastic. Looking for a place to cater for all your meals and events, look no further because at Four Brothers is the real deal.

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