How long does food poison last?

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How long does food poison last? Food poisoning is also known as foodborne illness. It has the other name because it does not contain poison or it is not poisoning you but it is causing trouble in your stomach. If food poisoning could kill people than the death rates would be higher than you can imagine. It simply means something in your meal caused your tummy to have trouble such as bacteria or virus. That is why people always look for ways to eat fresh food and keep their kitchen clean. Many people do not even like eating out because they are worried about the toxins, mold and parasites. What you should know that food poisoning is not causing death but if it stays for months, it could result in death because of the growth of the bacteria. They start eating everything inside your body. This can happen from simple causes such not cleaning your hands before eating or not putting your food in the refrigerator. Many people overlook this fact and eat with dirty hands or eat food that was left outside for too long.

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You may think that you had a burger today at a shop and that is the reason for your food poisoning. You could be wrong. It does not necessarily show up instantly because of the virus and bacteria takes time to present themselves. It may happen that you had something a week ago and that is causing the foodborne illness. The small organisms take a long time to make duplicates of themselves. The first stage of foodborne illness is diarrhea and if you find diarrhea with blood, that is a sign to be scared. Sometimes, they can live inside your body for more than three months and show no symptoms at all while some trigger at just six hours causing the person to visit the bathroom or vomit.

How long does food poison last

The human body is great as it can cure itself from the food poisoning and the reason for the diarrhea and vomit is to get rid of the unwanted thing from your body. The only to help your body is drinking a lot of water to flush out the unwanted germ from your system. The key is to rehydrate yourself and you can try chicken broth or vegetable broth but avoid dairy drinks like coffee and milk. You should also rest because if you are on pressure you will end up with a fever. With fever you will get abdominal cramps, chills, headache and liver or kidney aches. There is no fixed time since there are many different cases. If the food poisoning is minor and not caused by botulism toxin, it can be alright within a day or two. In complicated cases, the food poisoning can lead to liver and kidney failures resulting in death. In many countries like China, the reason for food poisoning is because of reused oil that has been sold at cheap markets just for cooking for huge number of people. Another reason is they drink dirty or polluted water without knowing. One way to start being precautious is not ask for ice at the restaurants.

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