Hometown Auto

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Hometown Auto: 2915 N Main St High Point, NC 27265; 1795 Silas Creek Pkwy Winston Salem, NC 27103; Tel: 336-221-3351; www.hometownautoyes.com

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At Hometown Auto, they are proud of delivering high-quality vehicles with little down payments and reasonable monthly expenditures for purchasers with no credit history or a bad one. If you purchase from them, you are not only going to have a vehicle, according to Hometown Auto. Their target is to aid the customers in fixing their credit issue by structuring up a proper credit history to help your financial forthcoming days.

Hometown Auto

Hometown Auto

They are different in a good way. They can be the solution for everything your car needs such as service, repairs and financing.  There are no hidden charges, games or tricks because after all they want the customers to save money not spend it unnecessarily. They ensure that you are agreeing on terms that you can afford so that there is no problem in the future. You can sleep peacefully at night. You can communicate with “The Credit Doctor” — you can get an offer for financing plan even when other banks and dealers did not accept you. You have probably heard that you can save money on financing through being familiar with your credit score and leveraging challenging loan proposals at the dealership. Put your money down, keep the period as short as you can pay for, and of course do not buy more car than you can manage to pay for. That is why Hometown Auto is there to help so that you do not get into tangles with the money problems.

Your car is not an asset. Fairly the conflicting statement would be that cars depreciate very much. For that cause, it is not wise personal finance to pay a lot of interest on a car loan. What occurs in many cases is that the car belittles: the cost of the vehicle drops quicker than you pay back the loan, parting you to be underwater or upside down (when you have to pay more on loan than the car’s selling price).

Hometown Auto stand by each car they sell. Whilst many auto dealers spend money ensuring a car looks perfect, they ensure it is in operating properly. The inside of the car is more important that whether it is shining or is polished. You do not want to have trouble with the engines or brakes as it can be dangerous particularly when you are in the car, driving it. All the cars go through an inspection by their pre-sales service branch, where more than of $800 is spent for each car to safeguard that the client gets a reliable and safe vehicle. If a vehicle did not pass the inspection, it will not be in their collection anymore. Therefore, you can be sure that you are making the right choice getting a car from them.

They are in two locations operating in the Triad area: The original dealership is in High Point, NC and a second location for convenience is in Winston-Salem, so you are never far away from them. They also understand that after you purchase, you might need service or repairs from time to time. Therefore, they also have that so you can have a perfect car that is running in proper order.

The staffs get a lot of compliments from the customers. The regulars say they come back here because of their behavior. If you buy a car from them, you can get free oil change for a year. Also, those who bought from them are more than happy. They claim that the new car has no issues and they love it. The Credit Doctor is also everyone’s favorite. You can check their inventory to find cars with low payments. The best part is that they do not hide the price. Some websites trying to sell cars, says that you have to e-mail them to know the price. Is not that process a bit slow and tiresome? You have to wait while they reply and before that you might even lose interest in that car and find something else for yourself. Here, you can check the inventory.

They have a wide selection from various makes such as Ford, Hyundai, Lexus, Chevrolet, Toyota and Chrysler. There will be a single photo and if you are interested to see more, click on it. You will find multiple images that lets you check the front, back and the side. You will also find more details that will help you decide if it is the car you want. Besides that, the initial table gives you a brief summary of the cars on their inventory by displaying the mileage, model and year. Upon discovering more details, you can reveal more about is transmission, engine, interior, brakes and features such as alloy wheels.

When you like a vehicle, you can contact them to get it. Fill out with the proper details. Write you name, email, city and phone. There is the Help Center where you can type a question and they will send you a mail with the answer. Some people wishes that it was a live chat. Many site offers live chat which is much more convenient to get answers on the go.

If you have no or bad credit history, you will have anxiety and trouble getting the loan for your car from banks. Providentially, in Hometown Auto, you have the ability to finance your car unswervingly through them. They wish to aid you in getting a quality vehicle with payments you can make effortlessly.

You might have noticed their moto, “Buy Here, Pay Here” which indications that you do not have to run from here to there. You have everything under one roof. The professionals and experts will guarantee that you get a vehicle at a price that you like. You decide your budget and they will manage the car to be within that limit.  There is need to deal with third parties or have problems in your car. They carry out the inspection just for you and your safety.

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