Muffler Shop


We are one of most outstanding auto care shops located in Henderson. We pride ourselves on our credibility, competency and of course well trained staff who will stop at nothing to keep your automobile on the road. We pride ourselves in the well customer care services we render to the clients along with different promotional periodical offers. Our prices are pocket friendly and the services are top notch and done in perfect time. We have got experts with years of experience who attend to the customers and develop a routine of repair and maintenance.

Below is a brief description of our:

  • Oil change services- We ensure that your car has a regular oil change at an affordable price and is done with accordance to the right standards.
  • Air condition repair and maintenance services – Any problems with the air condition of your automobile is well taken care of and a regular maintenance service is also offered.
  • Fuel Systems service – It is important that your automobile gets a fuel system service every once in a while ensuring its smooth ride when on the road
  • Stock exhaust repair – Any repair of the stock exhaust is very important and the very best care can only be given to it by the very best in the business
  • Dyno Performance Test – The test is carried out by some of the most experienced experts here at the muffler shop ensuring your care is safest for the road.
  • Custom Exhaust Systems – We also offer a wide range of custom exhaust systems where we ensure your car has the very best system available in the market today.
  • Transmission Repair and Maintenance – We look at both the major issues and any major issue that are involved in causing transmission in a vehicle. It can be as a result of different issues and our team of experts will look into all of them.
  • Brake Service Repair – This involves carrying out services on your brakes and ensuring that they do not screech, brake fluid is not leaking and above all are responsive when needed.
  • Cooling System Service- We have a very effective way of ensuring that your engine does not overheat. A 50-50 mixture of water and coolant is administered where the liquid acts as a cool aid for any overheating engine. In most cases, water has been used over the years to act as an engine coolant but corrosion has come out of repetitive use of that. To cub this, the mixture of water and an anti-coolant is introduced to cool the engine and reduce any corrosion or future rust.
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These are just but a few of the services offered at the muffler shop. They deal in any automobile complications that seem unfixable and above all deliver fats and affordable services.

What we prioritize

As you strive to know more about muffler shops it is important to know our simple objectives whenever serving any clientele. This will give you a general scope of what the company is all about and how safe it is to trust us with your automobile.

  • Goal Oriented – Our goal is be the leading auto care shop in the city and establish different branches in different parts of eth city. With this in mind, it is important to provide nothing but the best for our customers. We proud ourselves in the quality care that is given to your automobile and will always provide the best.
  • Loyalty – Loyalty is bred after a routine is formed, this can only happen when the customers are satisfied by the services they get. Once a customer develops a routine service with us, they incur different discounts on different automobiles and of course a long lasting relationship with us.
  • Timeliness – With your car giving you constant problems, it is important that we don’t waste any more of your time by delaying your service. We will fix your problem and get it right at the very first time, and decrease the chances of you coming back in for more repairs on the car.
  • Adaptability – This simply means we keep up with changing times, here at muffler shop the machines used to carry out any service on your car is not only up to date but the latest technology. We aim at providing the best care for your automobile hence the importance of keeping up with modern technology.
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We have been in business for about three decades and have provided the very best auto care to our clients. With top notch expertise and highly trained professionals we treat your car as if it was our own. Our technology is constantly upgraded and updated to ring you eth very best at an affordable price. Ensuring roadworthy vehicles stay on the road and do not break down every other time is our main goal. We embrace the community at large and attend to every age regardless of their knowledge of cars and ensure they get from point A to B safely.

Muffler auto care shop is built for excellence; it provides excellent care with excellent expertise that will leave the customer satisfied.  We also keep our website updated with pour telephone s working through the day and night in order to deliver effective services to pour clients. There is also an online appointment booking system that saves you the hustle and appearing to the auto shop physically.  This saves a lot of time and proves to be very convenient for any person who works around the clock.

At the Muffler shop, we not only pride ourselves with eth services we offer our clients but also in the loyalty that our customers give us. We strive to give the best and to stay relevant s we move with technology and try to keep up with the different changes in automobiles.  We fix all automobiles regardless of the make and ensure that the client gets the very best care on his automobile. Visit us and get the best rates, from the experts in a very convenient time.

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