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Precision Auto Body


Precision Auto Body: 7061 West Galveston St Chandler, AZ 85226; Tel:    480-940-2447; 803 East Curry Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281; Tel:   480-970-9988;

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You can tell from the name that they are the ones that just does not carry out vehicle inspection or oil change rather they fix a completely damaged car from pieces and make it look like new. From slight dings to chief collision restoration, Precision Auto Body is the collision repair and painting shop. With the uppermost quality of workmanship, they guarantee to get the car back to its original condition using only the proper materials and products available for car repair. The specialists working there are ASE Certified and acquainted with the modern equipment and technologies, to safeguard you get the finest quality repair conceivable. The office staff has more than 50 years of collective experience delivering excellent customer service and quality crash repair that is supported by their Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Precision Auto Body
Precision Auto Body


Here you can receive the following services

• Full Collision Repair: The collision repair shop is a one-stop shop for your repair needs. They take all claims of insurance and deliver insurance claim handling, automobile disassembly and approximating, panel restoration and substituting, connecting, and frame pulling and patch-up. Precision Auto Body have surpassed qualifications for their program and guarantee every collision reparation work for the time you have your vehicle.

When the customer wants collision repair work to be done, they will make it as simple as possible for the client and keep them inspiring. They can also offer an alternate transportation while they have your vehicle. Their target is to make everything simple and convenient. They already know your pain and what it feels like when a car met with the accident.

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• Hail Damage: At times when a hail storm happens, evading the destruction is nearly not possible. Though, refurbishing the hail damage is easy and quick Precision Auto Body hail damage repair process. Customers have a lot of questions and problems with hail damage since it is not a typical kind of damage to the car. The technicians have a lot of experience that will deliver high-quality hail reparation for cars.

They are experts in fixing vehicles which were attacked by hail. When your car is one of the victims by hail you can be sure that Precision Auto Body has the technology and experience to get your car back to its pre-damaged form. Your gratification is 100% guaranteed. You can sleep peacefully at night knowing that you have given your car to the front-runners when it is about hail damage fixing.  The highly trained technicians get continuing training that lets them to use the newest innovative methods in vehicle repair from hail damage. When a car has been hit by hail, the value of it decreases. If you cannot find experts to bring it back to its original form, there is less chance of selling it at a high price.

• Paint-less Dent Repair: Paint-less Dent Repair, is the other name for Paint-less Dent Removal, is the quickest, most inexpensive and least disturbing process for dent repair. The process requires some skills and equipment that Precision Auto Body has. Their technicians are trained professionals and the usage of latest innovative technologies repair indentations without touching a car’s factory shade job. The method of repairing is by sneaking into the behind the “skin” of the automobile and rub injured panels back to their original shape.

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• Complete Detailing: The service includes color restoration, color change, color repair, repairs to color detriment, fading, odor, stains, inks, food and drink, rips, burns, scratches, tears, scuffs, punctures and cracks on a diversity of materials such as, vinyl, leather, carpet, plastic, fabric and velour.

• Frame Straightening: After a collision, one should comprehend that there are damages that is not visible to you.  The frame can be pressed out of alignment, and auto frame straightening turn out to be a vital part to bring your car to pre-collision safety principles. Deprived of this process, the automobiles frame is going to be weak and will fail to secure the person riding the vehicle.

• The frame of the automobile is more than just providing the sleek look and form but it is the skeletal system. Car assemblies produce these frames with tactical “crumple zones” that are intended to deliver at certain points at times of a collision for protecting the people in the car. The parts get triggered, and the frame turn out to be weak or breaks. The lack of correct auto frame repair and levelling, even if the frame appears alright, the reliability of the metal is not going to be good enough. Every time a car that faced with an accident comes to the shop, they check the frame. There are processes such as frame cutting that they carry out.

• Complete Refinishing: Price defers from place to place depending on who refinishes your car. You should know that you will receive for what you pay. Some service centers also send the vehicle with undesirable debris in the finish or with over-spray above the moldings, weather lamps or strips. That is why choose a reliable place when it is about complete refinishing.

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• Windshield Replacement:  If you turn to Precision Auto Body for your Windshield Replacement, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality materials and the work is performed by certified and skilled technicians. If you have any questions, the technicians will be more than happy to explain you.

• Wheel Reconditioning: Their custom fine particles coat wheel reconditioning procedure not only improves vehicle look but improves reliability and safety through their rigorous inspection process. Tires can be broken down in an extensive variety of standard colors. Wheel refinishing comprises of iron phosphate bath, preparation, powder paint application, paint curing, and final examination.

You can see that that offer a lot of services that a car which faced collision can need. They are available in two locations for your convenience. You can contact them through their website or call on the phone number above.

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