How many beers in a keg

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How many beers in a keg? 1984 ounces beers in a keg

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The keg has always been the name for a small barrel. It was basically used to export things such as wire nail, pins, tacks, brads and spikes. It was also used to send gunpowder. A barrel that was used for the transport of gunpowder is known as powder keg. The kegs need to be handled with care because some of them had liquids. In the modern age, a keg is mainly used for the export and import of beer. It is also used in parties and at many places to keep and serve beer. The kegs in the history were made of wood and copper. Nowadays, kegs are made of aluminum and steel.  Kegs can also be used to store other types of liquids.

How many beers in a keg

As many years passed the size of the kegs have changed. At the beginning a keg could contain 55 gallons of liquids. They were known as beer barrels at that time.  They were bigger than wine barrels and oil barrels. It became smaller to 40 gallons. Later on, it became 35 gallons. Currently, a beer barrel consists of 31 gallons.

The beer has been one of the oldest drinks consumed by people. It was there even before 8000 BC. There are evidences that beer has been around a long time. They were found in the mountains of western Iran which dates to 3500 BC. They were found in historical writings. Beer was compulsory during prayers to Ninkasi goddess. In Syria, there were ancient tablets were there were traces of beer.

A beer barrel consists of 31 gallons

A keg consists of 15.5 gallons

A pony keg consists 7.5 gallons

A case contains 24 beers

A small pitcher contains 40 ounces of beer

A big pitcher contains 60 ounces of beer

A yard glass has 48 ounces of beer

Let us see how many beers are in a keg.

There are 1984 ounces. 1 ounce is 0.0078125 gallons. To find out many gallons of beer are there, you need to multiply 184 with 0.0078125. To know how much beer is in a liter, you need to know that 1 liter is equal to 0.264172 gallon. You need to divide 15 with 0.264172 gallons to find out in liters.

Calculation 1: 184 X 0.0078125 = 15.5 gallons

Calculation 2: 15 ÷ 0.264172 = 56.781 liters


How many beers in a half keg

How many beers in a half keg

992 ounces beers in a half keg

Since you know the amount of beer in a full keg, you can easily find out how much is in a half keg. A full keg has 1984 ounces. You can multiply with 0.5 to find out the amount. If you are serving in 12-punce glasses then a half barrel can serve 165 glasses.

Calculation: 0.5 X 1984 = 992 ounces


How many beers in a quarter keg

How many beers in a quarter keg

496 beers in a quarter keg

Multiply 0.25 with 1984 to get the result.

0.25 X 1984 = 496 beers

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