How many calories in an apple

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How many calories in an apple? 80 calories in an apple.

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There is a saying that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It is true because it has many qualities that can keep you strong and fit. Apple can lower your sugar level and blood pressure. It can reduce the chances of heart attack, blurred vision and numbness in the body parts. It can reduce the chances of asthma and diabetes. It has pectin which keeps the digestive system working perfectly. There is boron which can help build durable bones and a powerful brain. It can prevent lung cancers and breast cancer. There are many damages happening in our DNA which we are unaware of. It can help get rid of those damages. There are many health problems when people turn 40. Apples can reduce those health problems. There are Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It can get rid of excessive thirst it is full of water. It has over 80 percent water. There are many types of apples and some has more calories than others. Most apples have 80 calories. People get surprised when they see the variety. It also upsets them when they find out some has very less nutrition than others.

Warning: Be sure to have apples before your meals or in empty stomach. Do not have them after meals. You can have them as the first thing you eat in the morning because of its water content.

How many calories in an apple

Here are the types of apples and their calories:

80 calories in a Honey Crisp Apple

72 calories in a Red Delicious Apple

80 calories in a Braebrun

82 in a Golden Delicious

72 calories in a Jonagold

100 calories in a Cripps Pink

100 calories Belle de Boskoop

80 calories in an Arkansas Black

65 calories in a Topaz apple

116 calories in a Graven stein apple

55 calories in an Elstar apple

75 calories in a Sweet Tango apple

160 calories in a Northern Spy apple

140 calories in Yellow Transparent apples

80 calories in an Ida red

80 calories in Pin ova

80 calories in a Gala

45 calories in Mutsu

3 calories in a Jonathan

45 calories in a Cox’s Orange Pipping

641 calories in Pink Pearl (organic)

80 calories in Red love era

130 calories in Opal apple (medium)

80 calories in Ambrosia

80 calories in Branley apple

90 calories in Cortland

50 calories in Empire Apples

80 calories in Macoun Apples

161 calories in Antonovka apples

67 calories in Cameo apples

80 calories in Rome Apples

380 calories in Ariane Apples

53 calories in Stayman Apples

60 calories in James Grieve apple

240 calories in Spartan apple

158 calories in an Egremont Russet apple

80 calories in a Tentation apple

80 calories in Zester Apple

493 calories in Newtown Pippin apples

80 calories in Melba apples

334 calories in Haralson apples

130 calories in Wegmans Jersey Mac Apples

80 calories in Winter Banana apple

65 calories in Baldwin apples (medium) 53 calories (small)

50 calories in Blenheim Orange apples

80 calories in Wine sap apples

125 calories in Liberty apples

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