How many mm in a cm & how many meters in a centimeter

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How many mm in a cm? 10 mm in a cm

How many centimeters in a meter (inch or foot)

How many inches in a yard or mile

How many liters in a gallon (quart, milliliter, cup, pint, ounce)

Millimeter is a common measurement term used both in the British and American mathematical systems where it is used to measure lengths. Normally, a bigger unit is meter. You can measure your height in meters, the length of a field or a rope and anything that has a length. You can understand that the base unit of length is meter. It is written as “m”. To be more accurate, you can use smaller units such as millimeter or centimeter. Millimeter is written as “mm” and centimeter is written as “cm”. Throughout history, there have been many definitions for the meter such as it is one ten-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator. It was also known as the wavelength of a Krypton-86 many years later.

How many mm in a cm

Children are familiar with the units, mm and cm because the units are in their ruler. A ruler has one side of inches and another of centimeter. Students need to use the meter rule in their science lab. It is made of solid wood with lacquer finish. It has one side measured in centimeters and another in inches. A person needs to know these values at all times and these measurement units are used throughout their life. From simple things like measuring the size of a spoon which is 19 centimeters to difficult things like the distance, you need to use these units. A much bigger unit, bigger than the meter is the kilometer.

You need to remember: 

1. Millimeters (mm)

2. Centimeters (cm)

3. Meters (m)

4. Kilometers (km)

In order to find the value, add a zero as you go down. 10 millimeters is 1 cm, 1000 millimeter is 1 meter, and 1000000 mm is 1 kilometer.

Therefore, you can say that there are 10mm in a cm.


How many millimeters are in a centimeter?

How many meters in a centimeter

10 millimeters are in a centimeter

If you need to find how many millimeters are in a centimeters, there are several ways. Using the rule stated above, you know that 100 centimeters is equal to 0.001 kilometer. 0.001 kilometer is equal to 10000 mm. Therefore 10mm is equal to 1 cm. 1 kilometer is equal to 100000 centimeter. 100000 centimeter is equal to 1000000 millimeter. Therefore, 10 mm are in a cm.


How many meters in a centimeter 

0.01 meters in a centimeter

25.4 millimeters in an inch

Since you know that 10 mm are in a cm, you can easily find out how many meters are in a centimeter.

cm =m /0.010000 is the formula you should use. In place of cm put 1. Multiply 1 with 0.010000 to get the result.


Cm = m / 0.10000

1 = m / 0.10000

M = 0.10000 X 1

You will get 0.01. There are 0.01 meters in a centimeter.

Inch is another popular unit used by students, children and people everywhere. Even the TV screens, monitor screen, mobile phone screens are measured as inches. 0.0393701 inch is 1 mm. Therefore, 25.4 millimeters are in an inch.

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