How to find the mean

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How to find the mean? Mean is another name for average. Before getting into depth of what it is, think about some real-life daily examples. You have probably heard people talk about average weights of people your age, average heights, etc. The meaning of the word average means in the middle. For example, you can ask someone what is the size of their company: is it big, average or small. You can guess by now that average means mid-sized. In mathematics, it is no different. Some people can be tall at six feet and others can be around 4 feet so what is the average. The common height people have such as five feet five inches.

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You can utilize a number line two find the mean between two numbers. A number line is an illustration of numbers in a precise order to demonstrate values.

How to find the mean

How to find the mean


90                                                         100

Here is a number line representing someone’s score in an exam out of hundred. In one exam, he got 90 and in the other he scored 100 out of 100. When it is represented on a number line, you can tell what lies in between them both. Since, we know from the above definitions that it lies in the middle. You can easily tell without any calculations the mean here is 95.

Secondly, it is a method of finding out the typical or central number in a collection of values. For example, you have a lot of numbers: 3, 3, 4, 5, 2, 3. We can easily tell that the result will be 3. To be exact you need to do the exact measurements. You can follow the formula:

If you do the exact measurements, you will see that the result is not just 3 even though 3 is recurrent. Add the numbers you will get 20. Divide 20 by 6. You can tell that the result will be in decimals or factions because 20 is not a multiple of 6. If the answer is 3.3. If it was 5 instead of 6, the answer would have been a whole number because 4 multiplied by 5 gives us 20.

You should solve the mean step-by-step

Here is an example, find out the mean of 3.5, 45.66, 23.90, 11.2 and 34.34

Step 1: You need to start by remembering what the mean is. It is the same as average. Therefore, write down the formula you got above,

Step 2: Break them down and make the formula look small for ease, quantity of numbers can be shown with a “n” and the sum of all the numbers should be the equation. Therefore, count how many “n” you have. You will have five. Therefore, n is equal to five.

Step 3: The equation is the sum of all the numbers, so start adding them. Write down the equation first.

Equation= {3.5+ 45.66+ 23.90+11.2 +34.34} and n= 5

Now solve them, the result will be 23.72

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