Have you ever seen a gymnast and wondered how on earth they could coil so much without breaking a bone? Have you ever wondered why you almost cracked your back trying the same thing? Well, you don’t have to lose hope, splits are very achievable. You don’t have to get a surgery or even train for ages before you can do one. In this article you will learn just how to do a split quite easily.

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Dress code: The first and foremost thing to consider is whether you are properly dressed to perform the split. Of course, you can’t go around thinking you can do a split in jeans, thus it’s fundamental to slip into something cozy and stretchy to accommodate the move. This will definitely save you from the embarrassment of a ripped shorts. Some of the appropriate clothing for this exercise include spandex, karate clothes, Lycra leotards, sweat pants and any other stretchable clothing.


Warm up 

Splits are physically demanding and require a lot of muscle stretch. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get your muscles ready for the strain by ensuring you begin with a series of stretches that will release the tension. Before you begin to stretch you need to know the muscles that you will use in doing the split so that you don’t go about stretching without making any difference. Some of the stretches you can try out include the following:

· Hamstring stretch against the wall

· Lunge stretch

· Seated v stretch

· Butterfly stretch

· Quadriceps stretch

· Calf stretch

You need to exercise the stretches often before you begin to try a split. This is because the stretches will increase your flexibility that will be very helpful in learning how to do a split.

Get into position

There are different kinds of splits, you can choose to do a side split or even a front split. Depending on the split you have chosen the position will be different. In case you choose to do a front split, then you need to get your legs apart with one in front of the other. On the other hand, a side split will require you to have your legs apart side by side. Once you are in position you need to start relaxing your mind and body to ensure there is no tension anywhere. This will immensely help in reducing the tension in your muscles as well. Once you are ready, you can now begin your descent very slowly.

As you go down you need to ensure you have sufficient support with your hands to avoid twisting a muscle. For a side split you will need to get yourself to lean forward to get support from your hands. On the other hand, a front split will require you to get support from the sides by stretching your hands outwards. Once you get to the furthest you can go, you need not to strain any more, but continue doing the stretches above and keep on trying to split until your muscles give way. You need to practice often for this to even work. Good luck!

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