How to talk to girls

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How to talk to girls? Talking to girls is not a difficult task.  Men think it is hard to understand women but it is not true. If you say something about her look, that will hurt her such as if you call her fat. Unless you are insulting a women or saying something negative about her looks, you are on the right track. From time to time it can be hard to stop the silence and begin a chat with someone good-looking. It can be problematic to know how to talk to girls, women etc. It can also be tough to make a decent first impression while doing so. Here is how you can talk to them.

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Get rid of the fear: There are many reasons for the fear such as thinking what the other person will think or anxiety. Fear of rejection is another thing and this occurs particularly if the person is good-looking. People need to prevent the fear because women are normal human beings who does not have anything to do with being scared. They are not ghosts or monsters. If you can learn to get rid of the anxiety, you can overcome the problem. Find out why this happened, for example, if someone was rude to you in the past. Remember a woman will never ignore you for your looks, it can be the way you talk. Find out what went wrong and fix that.

How to talk to girls

Do not overthink

The more you worry or think, the situation gets worse and even if she ignores you will feel a lot hurt. You just need to go and start talking. Think of what you need to say or what you want to say. Is the line decent? If the answer is yes, then it is good enough for you to talk. Do not lose your senses. Keep to your senses and use your intelligence to judge is it okay to say it or not. If you think that person is too pretty, ignore their looks and think you are talking to someone you are comfortable with talking like your friend.

Be likeable

Women likes a person who is a good listener and a conversation starter. If you have nothing to say, you can simply begin the talk and she will go on. You do not even have to say a word. Even they will be asking you questions since women are usually curious in a lot of things. Besides, they find talking to be a good way to get rid of boredom. If you get the one you want to talk to, first off check if that person is busy or not. If she is free, she would love to chat with you. Do not say anything weird and plus compliment her.


· If this helps you should know that girls are the ones that keeps the discussion going. You can simply agree with her to keep the chat going.

· Look at her even if you do not understand what she is saying because that is going to make her feel good. You can ask her if you do not understand anything.

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