How to Make Goo

Goo is loved by children and their parents buy them goo from the store. It is better to make the goo at home because it is fun to make and the parents can save money. There are 2 basic ways to make goo: With borax, Without borax.

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Borax can be found in the detergent and cleaning section at supermarkets.

Here is how to make goo

With borax: Gather a box of borax, school glue, slightly warm water and food color of your choice. If it is a small bottle of school glue then pour the whole bottle. If any glue is stuck use warm water and shake the bottle to obtain them. Mix half cup of borax in half cup of warm water. Mix until everything is mixed evenly.

How to Make Goo

Without borax: The second method is the cornstarch goo.  The cornstarch goo can be further divided into two categories.

•    Consumable goo

•    Inconsumable goo


The consumable goo: Gather 2 cups of sweetened condensed milk, 15 grams of cornstarch and 13 drops of food coloring. Add the sweetened condensed milk into a small pot. Pour the 15 grams of cornstarch to the milk and put it on the stove on low flame. Do not stop go on making circular motions in your mixture. When the mixture has become denser, remove from the stove and mix food coloring. 13 drops are suitable but you can mix according to your wish. Allow it to cool before using it. It can be eaten without any digestion problems of the children.


The inconsumable goo: Gather 1 cup of water, 5 drops of food coloring, one and a half cups cornstarch and 4 ounces of tartar. Take warm water and add the 5 drops of food coloring. Stir the water with a fork. Take the cornstarch and pour them in the water. Now use hands not fork or spoon to combine everything. Make it into a dense pulp. Check if your goo is alright. If it is too runny use cornstarch and if the goo is too dense pour warm water. Repeat the process until you have your perfect cornstarch goo.



1.    You can get the goo on your clothes if you are making it or the children can get goo on their clothes that will be hard to wash even with a super powerful detergent.

2.    Cornstarch can sometimes be full of lumps even before you opened the container so it is better not to use one that is not fully an even powder.

3.    Only the consumable goo can be eaten by children while playing. While your children are playing with goo make sure they do not swallow any of the inconsumable goo as it can be very harmful.

4.    The goo is for playing but not for babies, toddler or very small children and try to keep them out of the reach of your pets.

5.    You and your children should know that is a very messy and slimy activity so put down a newspaper or sheets of paper before you start and wear gloves.

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