How to remove wallpaper

How to remove wallpaper? Wallpapers make the home look more elegant from the inside and people can express their creativity with their wallpaper for example, if your favorite color is blue and black, you can use blue and black strips wallpaper. If someone likes authentic wallpapers, there are many great designs to choose from.  Without the wallpapers, the inside of the house looks incomplete. You may want to paint your room with a single color but in that way you can make the room look nicer or express yourself over there. If you want to get rid of the current wallpaper and replace with another one you need to first remove it. It takes patience but you need to do it. It also makes a mess. Here is how you can do it.

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Here is what you will need:

How to remove wallpaper


Thin bar for removing base board

Metal wall scrapper

Bucket and cloth

Fabric softener

Warm water

Wallpaper removal chemical

Dilution mixture for cleaning

Safety glasses



Step 1: Start by removing the base board by picking out the plastic borders. You can use your hands for that because they are like peeling off stickers. Later remove the wooden boards. The base board is like a fence. If you get rid of it, you will get to work freely.

Step 2:  Put on your safety glasses and get the fabric softener. Make sure you are also wearing gloves. Use the cloth to cover the wallpaper with the fabric softener. Soak all of the wallpaper. You will have the water dripping down so you can use mats to protect the floor. Carry out the soaking process for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 3: After it is really soaked leave it for five minutes and take the edge of the metal wall scrapper and put in underneath the paper. It will easily come off in sections.

Step 4: If you wallpaper is getting stuck in some places use the cloth and bucket to soak that part. Soak the second part of your wallpaper. Make it wet and start scrapping it off. This part makes a lot of mess because they do not come off in sections.

Step 5: Continue with the process and keep on scrapping with the tool and you will see the wallpaper is completely disappearing. The places you cannot get off use, the bucket full of fabric softener and cloth. Some places with be easy to peel off than others.


· You can get a garbage can in the place you are scrapping so that the little pieces fall on the can. You are going to be doing one small section at a time.

· Some people think that soaking the wall with a spray bottle full of fabric softener will help but that does not help much since you are not using a cloth and the amount you apply is not adequate.

· Some people go with expensive ways to get rid of the wallpaper, it is better to do it yourself instead of wasting money.

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