How to make gravy

How to make gravy? There are many methods people choose to make gravy because it is a must to have with meals. Some go for packaged ones or some make them at home. It is easy either ways and you can pick the way you are comfortable with. Here is how you can make a delicious gravy out of packaged ones. While you make them in any way you like, be sure that there are no lumps. To avoid lumps, you have to stir them.

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Put in all the ingredients and add a small chopped onion, cook until they are soft. Ad 2 packets of the Gravy Mix you bought and a cup of flour. To make the taste better, add the roasted ground cinnamon and cups of cold water as require. Pour them in the saucepan and stir. There are many flavors available for the packaged ones and you can make them even tastier adding extra ingredients like mushroom.

How to make gravy

How to make homemade gravy

People choose to make them at home because of two reasons: one is that you can make them the way you like by putting ingredients of your choice and you do not have to worry if you are running out of them because you do not need to go the store to buy them. The second reason is because they are safe whereas the packed ones contains ingredients under pressure and have been processed. They even have harmful contents like corn syrup. Homemade gravy is more common during thanksgiving because they are made to serve the turkey. Here is how to make homemade gravy using chicken for regular days not thanksgiving, in case of thanksgiving, replace the chicken with the turkey

Step 1: Cook the chicken in a pot the way you always do and it is time to take the fat. Use a fat separator and pour the liquid part in another glass and add the fat in a pan for cooking.

Step 2: Add a spoon of butter and some flour and stir. Keep the heat to low and make sure nothing is sticking to the pan. As you see it is starts to darken pour the liquid part that you separated. Instead of adding the liquid part, you can chicken broth.

Step 3: You need to keep on stirring or whisk it using the egg whisker and make sure the flame is low. After it starts to boil, wait few minutes before you take it off. You need to keep on whisking.

How to make sausage gravy

Step 1: You need to start with ground turkey or minced meat and add the spice of your choice and stir in a bowl.

Step 2:  Use olive oil and pour in the mixture and let it freeze for six hours.

Step 3: Take them out and add on a hot pan and let them turn into small pieces. Keep on stirring or else they will stick to the pan. Add flour and milk and stir until they are done.

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