How to make money on YouTube

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YouTube is not just a website to watch the videos of latest movie trailers, new songs, latest news and gossips. It can be used for other purpose and one of the main purpose is to make your channel. Having own channel means that you can express yourself over there like you do on social sites like Facebook and twitter. There you can post videos by uploading them. Most sites have the download option but the strange thing about YouTube is that it does not have a download button but a “upload” one. You can watch and comment on others videos and ask others to subscribe to your channel. You can count how many views you are getting. Another good reason to use it is to increase your income. It can be your side income or an additional revenue for you. There are several ways to make money on the site and here are some of them

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Method 1: Advertisement. If there is some kind of ad like a banner ad or a video ad beside or below your video, you can earn money. The trick is to get people to click on the ad but you cannot ask them to do so. If anybody is interested on the ad being displayed, they will automatically click on it. You cannot force someone to click on it or mention about it on your video. There are many companies putting their ads on the user’s videos. They are places according to the choice of the one operating. They show relevant ads. For example, you are research about restaurants in your area and food, you may get ads from delivery services around your area. If you click on the ad and go to their site, the video owner will make money.

How to make money on YouTube

Method 2: Sales

Another way is to make a video by promoting your goods. If you have something to sell, you can easily sell by making a video and describing all the good things about it. People will get interested and you will make money when the products are being sold. You can even deal with other companies that if you can get their product to get sold, they will give you certain amount.

Method 3: Amazon Associates Account

Make an account like this and start to make money every time someone buys something from Amazon with your reference. You can get their product and show the great things about it on your video and every time someone clicks on the products’ links through your video, you make money.


· Some people think that viewers can get you dollars but there is no clear explanation for that because some believe that it is $1 per 1000 views or $0.8 per 1000 views.

· If the ad is engaging and people watch the full ad, it will be very easy for you to make money, if there are millions of viewers with nobody watching the ad, it can difficult for you.

· Know about the types of ad formats and videos before you jump into making an account.

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