How to tame a horse in Minecraft

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People love Minecraft for many reasons and one of the reasons could be because they are an animal lover. The game’s style is to have pixelated graphics unlike the other video games that goes with more clear resolution. It contains animals like tigers, dolphins, donkeys, cows etc. Some people want to learn how to tame a wild horse. If you are that person, you have come to the right place. It is simple and people who have been playing the game for a long time should know how to do it. Here is how you tame a horse in Minecraft

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Step 1: Discovering one. First of all, you need to look around for a horse. You can check here and there and you may come across cows, sheep etc. Look in green hilly areas where it is not too much gathering or the ground is not too smooth. The horses tend to be in the grounds that is lower than the normal level of the ground. There will be not much trees but the area will be green, that is a perfect place to locate your horse.

How to tame a horse in Minecraft

Step 2: Offering food

You have to check if you have any golden apples. Many people do not know this but golden apples are a quick way to get the wild horse to settle down or it take can a lot of time. If someone is looking for the fastest way to make the pet horse calm down, they need to give them golden apples. Some opt for regular apples or wheat and think that the golden apple thing is a lie. You have to feed it till the hearts appear and then you will know you have tamed it properly. You can go with stack of sugar.

Step 3: Getting on it

For those people, who believe that offering food is the only way, here is something new. You can actually get the horse to love without any sort of food like apples and wheat. Press the button and get on the horse and it will be jumping up and down since it is a wild one. Hold on it and make sure you do not get down and you will see hearts appear just they appear in case for golden apples. The difference is that it can take some time for the wild one to turn into pet whereas the process is much faster with the golden apple.

Step 4: Pick a saddle

What is a tame horse without a saddle? Choose a saddle and go to inventory and place the saddle perfectly. Now, it is good to be taken anywhere. A saddle is important to ride the horse and you should get one. After it accepts you only then you pick out the saddle. Without the saddle, it will look like a wild horse.


· You can name the horse anything you want and even put a nametag.

· If you ignore the saddle, the horse will budge. 3

· Some people face a lot of trouble at first but do not worry, you will be able to do it.

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