How to fix a zipper

How to fix a zipper

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How to fix a zipper? You may want to fix a zipper if it stops working and you are being unable to close something like the pair of jeans, a bag or a jacket. There are many causes to why this happens and here we will see how to fix them on those occasions. It is also known as a clasp locker that uses teeth to secure something in place. It has been around since millions of years but at first it was not successful. There were many inventors who contributed to the changes in the zipper we have today. The final design of the zipper arrived at 1930. Here are various scenarios and how to fix it.

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How to fix an immovable zipper? If your zipper is stuck in one place, you may want to lubricate it using graphite. It can be hard to find graphite at home but you will be surprised to know that it is found in your ordinary pencil. All you have to do it rub with the pencil’s top on the teeth. Do not do anything with the zipper. Simply make the track smooth so that it will close by itself without hassle. You can try moving the zipper to check if it has become smooth or not. Graphite is actually used a lubricant in many places and it is sold in tubes. You do not have to take the trouble of buying it, you can just use a pencil you find at home. If the graphite technique is not working you have to clean the teeth and the bottom part of the zipper using a solution of water and laundry soap. Use cotton tips to insert in the solution and clean the teeth. Let it dry and see if the zipper is working. If it is still not working, use the pencil again. This time the stuck zipper will get fixed because it is clean now and the graphite will work perfectly.

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How to fix a zipper
How to fix a zipper

How to fix a broken slider

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they need a new zipper every time their slider gets broken or damaged.  You just have to get a new zipper slider. It is that section of the zipper that travels up and down the teeth.

How to fix a detached zipper

You can use a zipper cleaner that you can purchase from the stores and if you are looking for home remedies, you need to make a solution. You can try the DIY one since many people have complains that the store-bought ones do not make the teeth smoother or the zipper work. The solution should be half part water and half part soap and mix them well. Get a soft and clean small piece of mat or rug. Dip that in water and clean the dirt around and let it dry. Once it is fully dry, you should be able to pull up the zipper. The reason your zipper got separated is because of the load inside your bag. You should try to empty it as much as you can and reduce the pressure or else it will happen again.

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