How to set a table

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Knowing how to set a table is just as important as knowing how to cook elegant dishes. You want to impress your guests and you want to make sure that they get the best dinner then you should only concentrate on the food. Food is a significant part of the dinner but what is important is elegance, cleanliness and the outlook when you are having guests. It may mean handling more utensils than you usually do but the guests will love it and keep on complimenting you if you do it right.

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Here is what you will need

how to set a table

· Napkins

· Bread dishes

· Chargers

· Spoons

· Forks

· Knives

· Butter spreaders

· Dessert plates

· Oyster forks

· Glass

· Dessert spoons/forks

What you will need to do

Step 1: Lay a clean white and fully dry napkin that is bigger than the charger. Charger is the plate that is going to act as the base. It means you are going to place other bowls or food on it. You have to remember than the charger does not last long on the table. It exists for the appetizers and is removed when the main dish arrives. Suppose, the appetizer is some kind of soup. You need to keep the lovely bowl of soup on top of the charger. When you are removing the bowl of soup and bringing out the main course, take away the charger along with the empty bowl of soup.

Step 2: Since the dinner has not started yet, you need to get another white napkin and fold it in a decent manner and place it on the plate. You need to make sure it does not look weird. Keep it firmly on the charger.

Step 3: As mentioned earlier, every formal dinner must have butter spreads and soft oven-baked fresh breads. They are not supposed to be hard so that the person having it can consume it easily. Place the bread dish on the top-left of the charger and make sure you keep the butter spreader by its side.

Step 4: It is time to get the spoons and knives. Make sure that the knives are facing your plate and not the other way around. Keep the main knife the closest to the charger. Next comes the knife that is used to cut fish, keep it next to the main knife. It is usually smaller than the original knife and equal in size of the appetizer and salad knife.  Lay down a spoon.

Step 5: Get the forks and place them on the left since people handle forks with the left hand. If you have an oyster fork, keep it on the right. That is a mistake many people make, by keeping all the forks on the same side. Make sure you get the appropriate forks and do not keep the dessert fork just yet. Bring it during the dessert

time. The last step is to get a beautiful wine glass for water. You can serve water with ice.



· Do not keep something unnecessary like if there is no need of an oyster fork, remove it.

· Keep the spoon that is appropriate, for example, if you are serving soup, make sure the spoon can hold it.

· There are many kinds of chargers available in the market. Pick out the pretty ones.

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