How does PayPal work

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PayPal has more than 170 million users who have accounts made from this website. There are two types of account you can make. If it is only for your shopping purposes, you can go with personal account and if you are a seller or have a company and you need to get payments from customers, make a business account. The similarity is that both links your credit card, debit card and bank account information to the PayPal account without anyone knowing any of your financial or personal information.

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The benefits of having a PayPal account are:

how does PayPal work

· You can shop even if you do not have a credit card.

· It is an easy and quick process that saves lot of time. You can use it from tablet, smartphones, laptops etc.

· You get one hundred percent financial security while shopping, there is no chance of your data getting leaked.

· Shopping from anywhere in the world has never been easier and on different currencies.

· It is a free account and there is no extra charge to use it. There are many protection policies such as they pay you in case they made a mistake.

It started during the December of 1998 and had a different name at that time. Its name was Confinity. Its aim was to be a replacement of the hassles of checks and money related papers by making it through an electrical method. Previously, the company sold security software. After it mixed with a bank, they started working on PayPal.

When you enter the URL, click on the top-right to sign-up and make your free account. Choose what type of account you want. Select the name of your country. Type your current e-mail address, and make a new password that nobody can guess easily. The same goes if you are signing up for a business account. Somebody who is under 18 cannot use PayPal or use it for shopping or for giving or receiving payments. Besides, your name, address, e-mail, they will want an answer to a security question like your pet’s name. PayPal is not available in all countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh. Therefore, the people have to come with other ways to get payments.

when you are purchasing things or facilities and use PayPal to pay, they will give the seller your home address so that you get the things. If the what selling you the things do not get the money, they will send him or her with information of the failed imbursement. To ease argument determinations, they will give the one purchasing the address of the seller so that you can give back the things. When you put your picture, make sure it is only your photo and a good one. It should not be taken from Google or anywhere. This is used so that other PayPal users can recognize you.

You can have more than one account but you have to real the rules before doing that. You can have different types of multiple accounts like one for business and one for personal.

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