How to read a tape measure

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How to read a tape measure? A measure is also known as a measuring tape and it can be used to measure anything. It can be made of a ribbon, fiber glass, metal strip, plastic. They have measurements in a straight line and everybody is familiar with this. They have either used measuring tape is the form of a ribbon for measuring their waist or at the tailor’s place. Every tool box has measuring tapes in the form of metal strip for regular use. It consists of units of length, that means inches and centimeters and it easy to read them. There are many companies manufacturing them and you make your one from the hardware store. Here is how you can read the tape.

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Step 1: Take out a strip of the measuring tape and you will see big numbers. Those are the inches. After 12 inches, you will there is a mark because that makes 1 foot. A measuring tape that is a metal strip usually lasts longer than 6 feet. Some tape measure continues with 13 inches after the 12 inches but some may begin from 1 again because it makes a foot. There are many small straight lines, look at the big ones that marks exactly.


Step 2: As mentioned above, the big marks are for inches not the bold numbers themselves. There will be another big marking but smaller and lighter than the inch one. It is supposed to be between two bold numbers, meaning between 1 and 2. That is indicating that it is half an inch. It will not have any numbers mentioned so you need to find out the second largest mark. It is supposed to be 1.5 if it is between 1 and 2 but nothing will be written there.

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Step 3: Later look at the third largest mark. They are slimmer and smaller than the inch or half inch marks. There are exactly four quarter in an inch. It means that the first one is indicating that it is a quarter, the second one is the mark of the half inch and the third one is again another quarter meaning 1.75 if it is the third mark between 1 and 2. Lastly, the big mark is the last sign of the quarter. We all know that 25 multiplied with four makes it hundred. The same law goes here, that the mark after 1 means 1.25, then 1.50, later 1.75 and lastly 2.00.

Step 4: If you look closer, there are one-eight markings and there are 8 of them. If you are calculating in more details with high precision, you need to familiar with the 16 small marks. In fact, they are the tiniest mark on the measuring tape and they help you to be exact. In one quarter, there are 4 of the smallest marks.


· Measuring tape comes with a hook so that it is easy to use.

· Handle them with care and do not let the children touch it.

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