How to make a bow out of ribbon

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How to make a bow out of ribbon? You should need a bow if you are wrapping a gift and trying to make it look pretty. Women love to wear it on their hair as well. Below are the steps to build a perfect bow and if are going to put it on your hair, you should just have to use a glue gun to attach a clip at the back. you Here is how you can make a bow out of a ribbon.

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What you will need:

How to make a bow out of ribbon

How to make a bow out of ribbon

· Ribbon

· Scissors

· Glue gun

· Thread

· Needle

· Measurement scale or ruler

· Lighter

· A small solid object


Step 1: Pick out a ribbon of your favorite color. You can even buy them in wholesale if you are thinking of making many bows for sell or business.  You can buy ribbon in yard and they are not that expensive. You will need to cut out a ribbon which measures 12 inches or 30 centimeters. It should be two inches or five centimeters in width. Open your palm and keep it on the four fingers. Wrap it around so that it looks like an “X” at the bottom. The four fingers should be crossing through the loop. Take it out and press it. It should look like you made a loop and the bottom part is an “X”

Step 2: Since the loop is a circle, straighten it out by pressing it and making it a 3 inches’ (7.5 cm) straight line. Fold it and press through the center and it should look somewhat like a bow by now. Use a needle and a thread of the same color to sew it. It should make the center of your bow tight.

Step 3: Pull the extra thread and wrap it around the middle part of the bow so that you can secure it. It should look like a complete bow with just one problem. That is the thread in the middle should not be seen. Cut out a one and a half inches of ribbon and make it a rectangle. You do not need to use a needle here. Use the glue gun.

Step 4: First of all, use a lighter on that place and secondly use glue gun. Do not use your hands since it is going to be hot. Use a hard object to press down the ribbon on the glue. The bottom part is not going to look pretty if they are two straight lines hanging. A ribbon has the bottom part cut diagonally. Use scissors to cut them to your desired shape.


• You can use different types of ribbon to make a bow as an experiment and see which one works better for you. You should decide the reason for buying the ribbon whether it is for wrapping a gift or for someone’s hair.

• If you get the measurements correctly, making a bow should be an easy task for you.

• Be careful using the lighter if you are not familiar with using it.

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