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Playing Wii or even Wii U is definitely something you want to try out one day in your life. However, before you can play the game you should definitely get your hands a Wii remote, especially if you friends keep carrying there Wii remote every time they come over to your place. Therefore, avoid the embarrassment and get a remote for your home. Once you have it, all you have to do is sync it and you are good to go.

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However, you might find yourself not in a position to sync the remote as it might be new to you. Therefore, you will need to learn how to sync a Wii remote. You can try reading the manual, but if the instruction are unclear, you need not worry as you can read on and find out how to sync a Wii remote.


Step 1

In this method I will take you through the various steps on how to sync a Wii remote with a Wii.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your Wii is powered up. Plug it to a power socket and switch on the power button. After this, you need to ensure that it’s not running any program at the current time you power it on.

Step 2

The second part include the syncing of the Wii and the remote itself. To do this you need to reach the sync buttons on either of the devices. On the remote, you need remove the back cover first while for the Wii you need to flip the SD cover. On the Wii you will see a button with the words “SYNC” on it. On the remote, the button I usually under below the battery section.

Step 3

Press the sync button on the remote and see the light son it begin to flash. Immediately you do this, you need to ensure that you quickly press the same button on the Wii as well as the lights are still flickering. When the two are totally synced you will realize that the lights will stop blinking and become totally solid.

Once the above is done, you have successfully synced your remote with a Wii. However, there are some glitches or challenges that you might face as you sync the remote. Therefore, to ensure you are fully equipped for the task ahead, the following are some of the setback you might encounter.

Running programs

Your Wii will definitely be unable to sync to our remote if there are running games or channels on it.  Therefore, you need to ensure they are all off and even remove any cd from the Wii for an easy sync.

Battery power

For you remote to sync with you Wii, it needs to be powered up properly so that it can support the signal transfer. Therefore, ensure that you have the required battery for the job. Lastly, ensure that your sensor bar is also placed either above or below the Television.

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