I Love NY Pizza Schenectady

I Love NY Pizza Schenectady

We went to NY Pizza Schenectady to have the best pizza in the globe. While being there, we found the best pizza in New York and therefore the globe. It was not easy to determine whether this is the best or not but it was definitely worth it.

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It is the perfect place if you want to relax. It is not necessary that you have to crave for a pizza to be there. If you are looking for a place to go with your family or friends, this one is the best. The staffs will treat you like royalty. You will be thinking you are in one of those fancy dining restaurants with posh ambience and extravagance services.

I Love NY Pizza Schenectady

I Love NY Pizza Schenectady

It is not a huge building or some rooftop fine dining restaurant. It is a simple pizzeria resting on 1705 Union St, Schenectady, NY 12309. It opens at 11 AM and operates till 11PM. If you are trying to avoid the crowd, you can pick an hour after lunch perhaps 3 PM. During lunch, which means at 1 PM it is extremely crowded and also after 6 PM, customers starts to flood in.

My friend had the House Salad ($5) which came with Ranch dressing. For another $3, she added grilled chicken because we love chicken. I wanted to go with the Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Salad ($9) and it also has my favorite olive oil and balsamic. I did not take any salad because I was saving room for something else. I noticed that some people were having Calzones since it was lunch time.

You can have the cheese calzone ($6) which is the most economical choice out of all plus it helps if you are a vegetarian. If you are a vegan, you are going to avoid cheese, so grab the broccoli roll ($7). It is healthy and fresh but I did not take that either because I was saving room in my stomach for something amazing. If you are noodle-lover, there are numerous choices.

At all costs, avoid the Ravioli Vodka Sauce ($12). Who pays that much money for something drenched in Vodka? Isn’t that going to simply ruin your meal? There are so many people out there who cannot afford to have a little meal and you are going to spend $12 on something containing Vodka! Never!

There were many motives to visit NY Pizza Schenectady, a real delicacy that’s occupied with taste and art. NY Pizza Schenectady has more than just pizza or food.  The place is having an inspiring assortment of good-looking pizza with more other choices on the menu. There is the scorching Pizza hut and Home Style Enterprises both renowned for Pizza. It is so strange that there are so many pizzerias so close to each other but they cannot beat the NY Pizza Schenectady. That is one of the main reasons why we went there instead of any other place.

We were confused at first though, we thought about other places but they do not treat their customers with respect. Upon checking other pizzeria’s online presence, I discovered that other places do not have any respect for their customer.

Where we lived before, pizza was close to our house. That does not mean we will not have cravings for it. In fact, upon trying most other places in New York, we found that this has the best price, atmosphere and taste. After ordering, we were being patient for our stunning pie.

I saw a school kid taking $2 out of his pocket and asking for a slice of pizza. They served him within few minutes and he was happy. I loved the fact that little kids can have pizza anytime they want with just $2 without having to ask again and again from their parents. I love beef lasagna and I wanted the Specialty Pizza. There was the 6-cut($13), 8-cut ($15) and 12-cut($17). The pricing is same for Margherita. That does not have much on it so I did not understand why it had the same price tag. Fresh Mozzarella, Chicken, Bacon, Ranch and BBQ Chicken also had the same cost. Never have the bacon pizza because it is disgusting. You will regret having it later.

There are so many other options, so why settle for bacon. Vegan friends can have the Eggplant and Tomatoes, White Fresh Tomatoes, Vegetarian Pizza or the White Broccoli Ricotta. Wait, there are more. You can have the Capriciosa with Artichokes, tomatoes, eggplant and mushroom or Mimosa with spinach, tomatoes, garlic and broccoli. For the seafood lovers, there is the shrimp pizza, ($15, $17 and $20).

Now, the important part. How is the taste? 

I have eaten a lot of pizza in my whole life but this was the best. I could not stop at one pizza so I ordered another. I took another home with me. In that way, I can have that later. There are so many restaurants over each other’s shoulders. The pizzaiolos are experts because they know what they are doing. A pizza tastes good only when the ingredients is right and the one making it is an expert.

Before entering, we peeked and saw that very nice people were having food. They were locals. We went in and the staffs were polite. The first experience was a nice one. The next time I came, I did not have much with me because I spent it all on shopping. I just took the cheese slice like that kid. It was so tasty. I could not believe that it was actually $2. It was so tasty it was hard to imagine that it was nothing but cheese. If you are taking a pizza with toppings, you should not that they are not miser like some places. They fill up the top and you can hardly see the dough. The crust is easy to chew so I never threw them away. If you like service with smile along with tasty pizzas, go there.

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