I Love Pizza Troy NY

I Love Pizza Troy NY

I Love Pizza Troy NY. (Address) 125 4th Street, Troy, NY 12180. (Website) www.ilovepizzaoftroy.com . We arrived in New York, tired from travelling and it was midnight. We were exhausted from our lengthy flights and tired from all the work we had to before we got on the plane.

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Nonetheless we went forward, walking away from hotel and laying down two coffees so that we can stay awake while we are on search for a restaurant that is open to serve use food. I Love Pizza Troy NY awaited, and we required to call enough energy from our bodies’ reserve tanks to take the place on. We wanted a place where we can eat something delicious and fill up our stomachs at the same time. What could be better than the I Love Pizza Troy NY? The best part is that it was open while most other place had the “Closed” sign hanging. I was thinking where are the people going to eat if they have nowhere to have food and they are hungry at this time. There is no time for hunger. Just because it is midnight does not mean that you cannot starve.

I Love Pizza Troy NY

I Love Pizza Troy NY

It looks like it is the newest restaurant from the street because it appears to be extremely clean. Located just off Pizza hut and Domino’s Pizza, the restaurant does an excellent work at attracting customers and keeping them. One of the main reason you would want to go there is because of cleanliness. When you are eating something, that should be prepared in a place that is hygienic. I Love Pizza Troy NY promises that and you would love to go back again and again because of their cleanliness.

Another factor is the price here. It is reasonable thus college students regularly visit here during meal times or just relax with friends. If you have kids, do not forget to bring them here since it has nice environment, you can always have a quality time here with them. I have heard a lot of compliments about their cheese so I was looking forward to trying their pizza.

When we entered, the staffs were just normal. I thought that it could be that they are tired since it was after midnight. I ordered food and came back. The next time I visited was during daytime. The staffs were happy at that time. If you want to be treated like royalty, this is not the place but if you want to devour tasty food in affordable price, forget about the people working there!

The third time I ordered home delivery and the service was fast. I wanted a cheese pizza ($11) and you can toppings ($1.75). I also ordered chicken wings ($8.75).  I was mesmerized by the size of the chicken wings. It was supposed to be medium whereas it was the large size from where we came from. It came with blue cheese dressing and carrots.

Let us talk about the food. During my first-time visit, I ordered the BBQ Chicken Pizza ($17, $17.75 and $19.50). The taste was amazing. The size was 16 inches so it was quite big for the two of us, I thought. Then after eating, we both loved it so we ordered another one. This time it was Chicken Broccoli. I loved the combination of putting something healthy with meat. It also had the same price. If you are a vegetarian, there are numerous choices for you such as White Fresh Tomatoes ($13, $15 and $16).

The second time we went, I did not have much money so I decided to try the any two slices for just $5. It is an incredible offer and also lets you taste different pies without having to order the full one. I also loved the Tossed Salad ($3.5) which had lettuce, onions, tomatoes and olives. The price is so reasonable that you would want to come back over again.

You could have spaghetti or ziti both at only $6. Meatball Parmigiana which is very appealing is also available at only $8. The same price is for Eggplant Parmigiana for the vegan friends with spaghetti or zit and also Chicken Parmigiana for poultry lovers. You can also try the Sausage Roll which is only $5. You can walk in with just $10 and come out being full.

There was an offer going on where you could have a lot of food at a less price. It was something like this. 12 cuts, 24 chicken wings, 14 mozzarella sticks and 2-liter soda at only $48. This type of offer is not always consistent and they are for a limited time only. You can have the 6-Cut, 12 wings, 2-liter soda at just $20. You cannot avoid the wings here because they have a reputation for being toothsome.

The restaurant has another location: 1218 Rte 146, Clifton Park, NY 12065 and some customers like that better this one. I never went there but my friend loves it there. Few months back, they put the sign there that the restaurant is coming soon there. Construction and lots of work happened and finally there was the place everybody has been waiting for. The menu is the same and they deliver as well. There are some differences in the operating hours. It does not stay open till late night and it remains closed most of the days. It is always closed on Monday so if you are craving for pizza from them, there is nothing to do. No, wait, you can always order from the I Love Pizza Troy NY.

The specialty slices are tasty and unique. If you are in this area and want NYC style pizza, this should be the place. One thing that can cause trouble for you is during payment. Do not hand out your credit card to them because they only accept cash. The pizza is quite thick and if you are a fan of light crust, this is not for you. If you want fresh pizzas, it is preferable to go during a meal time such as lunch or dinner because that is when it is filled with customers and they will be making new pizzas instead of serving old ones.

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