I love NY pizza

I love NY pizza: This Hot Pizzeria Is a Bona Fide Phenomenon deserving all kinds of Hype

I Love NY Pizza at Union Street of Schenectady, already has a queue stretching through the whole place when it is a weekend. One a Saturday it starts at 10:30 AM from the eatery’s door — which does not open for another thirty minutes — then extends across the street. If the customers have to wait, they are never upset. They get the yummiest pizza which has been the best since the last 15 years. Living over the long delay is not an issue as the delicious pizza payoff in the end. The temper is dissimilar on other days. Sometimes, it is so crowded which is common on a Friday night. On Sunday mornings, there are few people.

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On Sunday, there is a kind of a foggy and vague feel to the troop, though some peoples have kept the party alive. The delicious and mouthwatering pizza is omnipresent. It is because of the fresh and high-quality ingredients. One big group of friends is sharing a large pizza and while you may think that place has only young people that is going to be wrong. Although the demographic angles young, in every other way this is perhaps the most miscellaneous crowd you can find assembled for the same reason- to have tasty food that does not disappoint.

I love NY pizza

I love NY pizza

It is difficult to explain to anybody why this is most people’s favorite place to stop for pizza. You can also get it delivered at your doorstep. Their home delivery gets nice reviews because of the friendly service. Although there were one or two complains about the chicken tenders which were cold or overcooked. If you are not so sure about it, get the pizza only. The service will be alright, that is for sure. There will be no rude behavior or cold pizza.

The pizzeria only puts Grande cheese and make their dough each day.  For the pizza sauce, they put fresh, whole plum tomatoes and the finest spices and vegetables obtainable. Are you aware of all the facts that makes a pizza great? It is a simple supper that looks appetizing and tastes just as good because of all the ingredients.  Dough and sauce is the core components. If they do not make it fresh, you will not be able to enjoy the taste. I love NY pizza focus on these two bases. The core of a phenomenal pizza is its crust, and this is where a lot of knowledge is important for the one preparing it.

When going to many different kinds of pizzerias, one might notice that there is not much variety. The menu here starts with Margherita, Mozzarella, Chicken, Meat Lover’s, Parmigiana and White Fresh Tomatoes. You can choose the Capriciosa which contains artichokes, tomatoes, eggplant and mushrooms. When you are not a big fan of eggplants in your pizza, you can get the Mimosa where they have spinach, tomatoes, garlic and broccoli. Those who are vegetarians will love this because of the greens. Some people might like to stay away from the broccoli but take spinach along with the tasty mushrooms and cheese, thus their choice should be Portofino.

If you are having a sleepover and ordering home delivery, the best is Rustica. If you are also a meat lover than this should make you crave for pizza right now! It comes with hams, meatballs, mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni and sauce. Who does not love the sausage and mozzarella together with meatballs? Another choice for a vegetarian buddy would be the Bruschetta which comes with basil, tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. You can take the Manhattan which comes with ham and artichokes. The Mediterranean is another choice if you do not want meat on the pizza. The shrimp Scampi is perfect if you have a sea food lover with you. There are many more kinds of pizza available which you will find in the menu.

You can see that the restaurant offers healthy choices. If that is not enough for you, there is always a step you can take to make it healthier. Go with a salad along with your pizza. Another fun combination would be the grilled chicken Caesar salad pizza. If you are in New York, do not forget to stop by and find out why it is called the “original” I love NY Pizza.

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