Luxury Nails: A Nail Salon That Almost Nails It

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Luxury Nails Address: 805 W 14 Mile Rd Clawson, MI 48017; Phone: (248) 288-3353. Most women when looking for salon or beauty parlors to get their manicure, pedicure and beautiful nail designs focuses on the atmosphere. They care whether the inside of the salon is elegant and classy meaning they look at how posh it appears. What is more important than the appearance is the cleanliness. When picking out a salon particularly for your nails, ensure that it is a clean one. When a place maintains hygiene, they will disinfect their tools the right way. When you ask them how they do it, it should not be a problem for them to answer. When it is about cleanliness and hygiene, luxury nails salon in Clawson is number one.

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Even though it might not come with expensive settings, showy and upscale chairs or fancy and high-class flooring, they focus on being clean. The people who go there once becomes their regular customer because of this. There are many salons that charge more money because of the ambience and atmosphere as they need to keep up with the posh and high-class interior but hygiene is not guaranteed. When asking regulars of Luxury Nails what they like about it, they say the price is reasonable.

Luxury Nails

Luxury Nails

What is the point of spending extra money when you get pretty nail designs or the right manicure at a low price here? It is also not difficult to communicate with them. You can make an appointment by phone. You can carry out some research online and they will listen to you about your problems. There is more to getting a proper service than just selecting out your nail color. If it is not possible to communicate, probabilities say that you will not be happy with your service no matter how much you pay or how expensive the place looks. Not interacting is the chief cause of nail infections in salon and lawsuits from contaminations. To know more about the salon’s protocol, you can view their Facebook page or Instagram.

Upon landing on their social media pages, you will uncover an abundance of beautiful and colorful fingernail designs and art. Women love doing their nails for many reasons. The first one is because of ingenuity and creativity: you can pick any color and design and that will express a lot about you. The nail art community is a beautiful and supportive community. Almost anybody can pay for to buy a bottle (or more) of nail colors. You can even get branded ones when you feel like indulging. You can also get a design from Luxury Nails that is going to match with the weather: sunny, windy, snowy or rainy.

A nail design never goes out of style. Nail designs and polishes are always going to be trendy whether you go back in time or ten years in the future.  You can obtain a design that everyone loves such a sleek full black color or blue glittery one. If you are a fan of Pokémon, get the one that resembles Pikachu. No matter how old you are: 25, 45 or 65, you are always welcome in Luxury Nails to get nail polish. Manicure can make a person happy and feel good about themselves, according to some research by nail experts. Kids can also join from time to time. Also, you can make an appointment where you and your friend can get mani-pedi together.

From the outside, it looks like a small house. The inside is clean and looks just like a regular salon, nothing extraordinary. Their pricing is reasonable and you can save money by getting mani-pedi together rather than separately. Now let us go to the part that can be an issue. There is no guarantee though but they might hurry through the manicure or pedicure. You have to tell them to slow down. You might also not get a massage if they are in a rush. You do not have to worry about making an appointment because walk-in is always welcome. In fact, some people who made appointments got disappointed because they were treated just like the regular ones who just walk-in. There is no need to get upset so skip on that and walk-in. Other than that, they are famous for delivering friendly service. You can get gel, shellac or acrylic and they have a lot of options for each. Many place do not offer much shellac colors.

Shellac gel work can last up to a month. The permanency of gel nail polish treatment is the main benefit. The shellac looks flawless and there is no need to fix it or get touch-ups every now and then. You can also ask them about how you can take care of you nails. Luxury Nails could be the best and we could have said that the place nails it but we could not because sometimes they are in a rush. If they took enough time and focused on each client, it would be the best. Besides that, it is clean and safe.

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