Wok n roll is situated in Limassol, Cyprus and you can find them on their official website woknrool.com.cy or 77 77 17 07. They are known for producing high-quality Japanese and Chinese food and the guests love it for the reasonable price. It is a sushi boutique place where you will find Chinese flavors. The interior and ambience is quite pleasant so you can take guests or your family there. For example, you are trying to impress your wife, you take her there for a beautiful Japanese or Chinese dinner. It can happen that you are trying to get a promotion, taking your boss there or other work associates can make them think you are the perfect member of their team.

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Here are some of the dishes that you must try at Wok N Roll

Gunkan Sushi 

The first thing you should try which is under €6.20 is the Gunkan Sushi made from Tuna or Salmon. The place is a sushi boutique and it delivers tasty sushi. While the customers can have mixed reviews about other kinds of dishes nobody ever complained about their sushi. Some people have become regular customers just for the sushi. When preparing a dish so elegant as this one, it is all about measurement. The chef has to cut the salmon into straight line and ensure that the size is correct. The wrapped salmon is mouthwatering and the shape is so perfect that you would feel like you are eating the best sushi ever. At this cost, you get four of these and you can share with another person because they are so filling. Most guests say that they like this dish because it tastes delicious and it is a different type of food. They can eat it with fingers or chopsticks. Eating them with chopsticks is a nice experience for the people and they love it. The texture is the second reason why they like it and it is popular among the people of that area. The combination is something they find astonishing and they prefer to have it at a social event. The price is low but it is just as elegant to serve to your guests.

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Wok n roll
Wok n roll

Crispy Aromatic Duck

Many guests like this and it come in two forms. The first one is the one-fourth part of a crispy aromatic duck served with six pancakes, sauce and vegetables. That is just under €10 and another option exists which is for more people. That is 12 pancakes with half of a crispy aromatic duck served with sauce and vegetables. Even though their menu is huge, some guests just skip to the Duck section right after they are done with their appetizer. The ducks are chopped into fine pieces. In China, people consume a lot of ducks more than chicken and here the same thing happens. The best way to eat a crispy aromatic duck is with Chinese pancakes which you will get here. It takes more than three hours to cook. Why not stay away from all the hassle when you can have it here at such a reasonable price?

Grilled Chicken Salad

They have a menu for those who are trying to maintain their fitness and this one is one of the best dishes. If you are a chicken lover, this salad will make you feel like you are eating something healthy and delicious. It is a protein booster (65 g) and it has more proteins than the other salad which is the Mango Chicken Salad. The size of the chicken pieces is large here, so you can pick this. That one has less protein which is 53g. If you did not have a salad today, do not wait to have one at their place. It is a super easy method of getting nutrition in your body and filling the stomach at the same time. In that way, you will not later look for junk food or fatty foods to get rid of starvation. It has a lot of various texture, flavor and color. The salad is not only full of protein but also fiber. Experts say that people need more salad in their diet. Instead of making one at your home, you can have at Wok N Roll at under €10 only. Eating this salad, you can stronger antioxidants which protects the body from harmful particles. Having salad also lowers you chance of having cancer. The best part is that the restaurant picks out the freshest ingredient whether it is for their chicken, sushi or duck. Therefore, you can count on them for your proper health.

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Salmon Avocado

We all know how healthy avocado and salmon and now you can get them both there. They will come in two pieces at under just €4. You will also get sushi rice which should be enough to fill you for the day. Who does not like salmon, particularly when it is fresh and prepared the right way? Wok N Roll knows how to deal with salmon and for their guests they pick the freshest and finest ingredients. If you do not want an avocado or you do not eat them, you can pick just the salmon which is only €3.80. It will come with sushi rice and topping. In the same way, you can pick any other fish you like such as tuna, octopus and prawn. The best part is that they are reasonable. Tee tuna is only €4.40, prawn is €4.20 and octopus is €4.

There are lot of items to choose from their menu. The guests love a lot of other items as well such as the rolls. They have boutique toll which has tuna, salmon and sea bass. You can get rainbow, tempura, torched salmon, cucumber, dynamite or wasabi roll. They have a lot of platters so that many people can eat at a low price. They also have lunch time deals such as the sushi platter. It contains a lot of items but priced under €13. Their food is appealing to the eye because the chef works with precision. You should look at their boutique roll and see how appealing it looks.

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