Muffler Shop Services Offered

We offer the very best services here at Muffler shop. We treat your car with the utmost car and deliver it in a timely fashion. Repetitive work is never our style and we will ensure all parts of your car are well taken care of (both interior and exterior). Here are some of the services offered at the Muffler shop.

Transmission Service and Repair: Many are the times a client visits us thinking they have a transmission problem when in real sense it may be a different problem nonetheless. Transmission and shifting problems can be very costly to fix but in most cases can also be confused with other problems as well. Here are a few issues that may lead to a transmission problem.

Muffler shop Services Offered
Muffler shop Services Offered
  • Solenoid Issues – This can occur both inside and in some models outside the vehicle. When the solenoids shift, they may cause a difficulty in shifting gears making it hard shifting from one gear to the other. This can be one none- major issue that may cause transmission.
  • Low fluid Levels – This can be as a result of a leak in the transmission fluid making the fluid levels fall slightly low. Fixing this is quite affordable.
  • Transmission Sensors – Sometimes the car may have defective transmission sensors. This may cause hindrance in shifting and may need replacement.

Brake service repair

The brakes of your car are one of the most crucial factors while driving it is not only important that your brakes function properly but also safe for you and other motorists on the road. Here are some of the symptoms that may indicate a faulty brake.

  • Squealing noise when brakes are applied.
  • Leaking fluid below the vehicle which may be yellow or brown in color
  • Chatter like noise when breaks are applied
  • Braked requiring more effort when stopping
  • A very low parking brake pedal

These are some of the symptoms we will look out for when your car displays brake issues. Using top quality brake components will not only ensure your safety but will also ensure that your brakes durability lasts a long while.



Cooling System Service

One of the biggest reasons that may affect your engine is overheating. This happens when your cooling system is defected and neglected thereby resulting to and expensive service of having to fix the engine. Since we take pride in fixing a problem before it becomes worse, it is important to ensure that we take good care of your cooling system.

Water has since been known to be a very good cooling aid when it comes to cooling off the engine. It ensures that the engine does not overheat and in most cases does a very good job, however water has one disadvantage; it causes rust to the inner parts of eth vehicle. The best solution for this is to mix water with a coolant, this way the water does not cause any corrosion and your engine is eventually cooled giving it a win win long term decision.

Vehicle Maintenance

This is mainly centered on preventive maintenance. Carrying out preventive maintenance on your vehicle has its own benefits such as:-

  • It increases the resale value of the vehicle even though the car has depreciated.
  • It ensures both you and your family are safe and are not prone to any accidents on the road.
  • It also ensures piece of your mind to you and your family.
  • Preventive maintenance ensures that a road worthy vehicle is on the road at all times.
  • It ensures you do not get any car breakdowns once you are driving
  • It prevents any future repairs that may otherwise prove to be quite pricy.

Exhaust Systems

We offer a wide range of exhaust systems at Muffler auto care shops. With great expertise and quality products we will offer you the best exhaust systems that will last you for a very long time. The systems are made from bendable pipers that are custom made to fit your price range but still uphold quality and durability. The parts used in the exhaust repair systems are readily available in the inventory and in cases where you might need new stock, we order it immediately and it arrives the very next day. We ensure that you save your time and get value for your money at the end of the day. Here are a few of the products we offer in exhaust systems:-

  • High flow catalytic converters
  • A complete cat back systems
  • High performance mufflers

Diesel Smog Certification

We are proud to have certified personnel who carry out smog checks on your vehicles and ensure that your car is in good condition. We have diesel smog certification and will carry out the job to the utmost perfection. Furthermore we are one of the few auto care shops in Nevada that have the right equipment to perform this on your vehicle.  This is done while you wait and saves up a lot of your time and moreover it is done while upholding diesel smog standards thereby ensuring that you get eth very best diesel smog service.

These are some of the services offered at the Muffler shop; we have taken up great pride in giving nothing but the best and in making sure our clients are satisfied at the end of the day. We value loyalty and long term relationships without clients and this can only be yielded from offering the very best.  Other services also include selling auto parts for your vehicle as well as repairing and installing these spare parts. There is nothing we cannot handle here at Muffler shop and we take great pride in our good reputation over the years.

We can be contacted through the site or through the contact numbers at any time of the day and night. We value all our customers and we try as much as we can to be open shop as early as we can to take in any emergency car problems that you may encounter on your way to work.