Precision Collision

Precision Collision

As you can tell from the name that it has something to do with collision and precision. When your car has an accident or it collides with something or another vehicle, bring you vehicle to them and they will get it looking like before. They will work with precision and ensure that your vehicle looks good as new. Not all places specialize in fixing cars after an accident therefore do not look here and there but bring your car to them.

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People involved

Precision Collision

Precision Collision

Chris Jones [CEO of the company and Owner]

Gail Humphreys [Manager of the Pleasant Valley Store Department]

Michael Warren[Appraiser]

Jason Brewer [Production/Manufacturing Manager]

Terry Looney [Towing Operation Manager]

Rob Cort [Appraiser]

Angela Luna[Accountant]

Mallory Stanley [Marketing Director]

Nikki Seely [Corporate social responsibility]

JC Dykes [Gladstone branch Appraiser]

James Brown [Production/Manufacturing Manager Gladstone]

The owner has more than thirty years of experience in this industry and with collision of cars because he started from a young age. His father was in this business and from there he got the interest.  The technicians go through a lot of training before they get their hands on the customer’s car.  There are a lot of things to know and learn such as the Tire Pressure Sensor(TPS), frame, paint and technical body. The most important thing that the owners takes care of this the company and its service.

The owner says that the company treats all their clients just like they would treat their first customer. They provide work for best quality and show a lot of respect to the customers. They are the ones to whom you should take your vehicle if it is a rough condition. They know how to deal with it. There are two branches and the first one was opened in 2004 and the second one in 2010. The owner maintains a proper relationship with all the customers and the level of integrity in this shop is like nowhere else.

It is a ten-step process before you get your vehicle looking good as new

1. Estimate

The initial step begins with the process of estimating. After the inspection of the car, the estimate computer collects all the important data.  The information the computer receives will determine the total cost but sometimes many hidden flaws go unseen within these calculations. They become visible after the repair process initiates.

2. Insurance company Approval

After the work of the computer is done, the responsibility goes to the insurance company. You should know that they are not going to be the ones to point you to a mechanic. You can pick your one according to your choice. Their job is going to be reviewing the estimate and make negotiations. After that, the original process of repairing will start.

3. Taking apart

This process will reveal the hidden damage in your vehicle. For that, new parts will be required. That is why the service has to carry out repair of inner mechanism and the insurance company will need to review again.

4. Checking new parts

Your car is going to need new ones and the technicians will order those for new. They will have to be available and if your vehicle needs a unique part, they will manage that as well. After Precision Collision receives all the parts they need for the work, only then they start the work. It does not matter if one part arrives before the other.

5. Assembly Repair

During the assembling and repairing, the old vehicle goes to the factory.  unitized body is returned back to the factory specification. There is a mechanical system which will determine and calculate the size of the frame of the vehicle. Without this step, there will be no precision in measurement. A simple glitch in measuring can make the whole process go wrong no matter how first-class the car parts are. After this, the repairing of the body begins

6. Body Restoration

In this step, all the outer parts get back to their original form such as exterior panel, and all metal finishing that may be obligatory. A new sheet metal installation is going to bring it back to life. After this the repairing process stops and it is ready to get painted.

7. Painting

Although the word may sound simple or fun, it is the most crucial part because it requires a lot of finesse. It begins with the preparation of the paint and the panels. There will be prime and sealing for proper adhesion. The final coat will decide how it looks so the process is quite significant.

8. Final touches

Closing moldings and detail bits are placed back on the car in the assembly area. All the cars’ systems go through examination. By now, the car is ready to go to its owner so the technicians check it thoroughly so that there is no problem when it goes to its owner.

9. Cleaning

During the accident and the repair, a lot of dust entered the vehicle. You cannot ignore that. Just because the repair is fixed and it looks shining from the outside because of the paint does not mean you ignore the interior of the car. There are places you cannot reach and the experts at Precision Collision is going to aid you with that. Before they give you a car that is looking nice before it had the accident, they want it to be dust-free to.

10. Completing

The work of Precision Collision is over, it is time for the customer to take away the car and it will look like the car never met with an accident.

To maintain the best condition of your car, do not commercial wash it for 30 days. There are a lot of things to follow that you will find on their website such as not polishing or waxing. Lastly, you should know that they are also providing towing services 24/7.  You can pick any towing company you want and it is best if you select them. You can rely on them in times of danger.

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