Lucky China

Lucky China

Lucky China: Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30338; Tel: (770) 458-5199 4524;

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Lucky China had you at the first hook with its ambience and food. How could someone not fall for a casual diner-concept mix up that envelops you in lush Chinese food as soon as you make your initial step inside from the showering rain? Just a glimpse around you will find the parents and kids enjoying at Lucky China. So how that does the sincere, warm feeling full of optimism and sunlight disintegrate

Lucky China

Lucky China

Lucky China, a raised take on an oily spoon, is not trying to remake the wheel. Since its beginning, a series of greasy spoons has employed the space. The owners have done a splendid job of bringing up-to-date the simple diner concept with a healthy table ethos while keeping the fees rather accessible (not cheap like many other places) and the place friendly to guests of all bands.

On any specified day, the tables are filled with an extensive range of guests – families, young, old, couples, groups of high-spirited teens and single seniors. The area still feels like a restaurant, with its beautiful upholstery, roomy nooks and long curve of lighting and design. It has been spiffed up agreeably without attaining cheesy in ordinary ceiling. It has dim lighting and most of the time it is not crowded so you will like to be in it. The best seats are the ones with the cozy pillows.

The salads are beautiful, not generic and wilted. They serve Ahi Tuna Salad, Ginger Salad, Seaweed Salad and Cucumber Salad. The sushi selections here are plentiful. The customers put positive comments about each of them which is hard to find in many restaurants.  The reason they are so good is because the chefs prepare it with care and you can also see how they do it. The taste is always overwhelming.

Some people find the fact disturbing that it is not crowded like many other places serving Chinese food. From the top of our head, the reasons are clear and some of them could be that it is overpriced and the area is like a hookah lounge. Who liked pricey Chinese food when you can get them in many places at a reasonable price? I also do not understand why they claim to be kid-friendly when it is similar to a hookah lounge with full bar and all.

If you are going to be optimistic here, you can think of the location. The location could be the answer to the less people coming here.  It is compressed in the Georgetown shopping center next to a nail shop and bagel shop. Some regulars go there for sushi and their appetizers. The other thing about less customers is that they bring your food fast and you can choose any seat you want. In other eateries, when there is a crowd, you do not get any seat. Also, the waiter picks out your seat. It is rare to find restaurants nowadays where they let you choose your seat.

While the menu mainly sticks main dishes for lunch and dinner some people just come for sushi or to drink.  They have traditional ones such as General Tso’s Chicken, Spicy Beef and Chicken, Lemon Chicken, Mandarin Beef, Orange Chicken etc. The rice is tasty there which is a nice factor as most places do not really know how to make the rice delicious. Mandarin Beef costing $12 receives a lot of praise, may be because of their mandarin sauce.  If you would like something hot, you are obviously guessing that Spicy Beef and Chicken is the answer costing $11. There is more though, you can have General Tso’s Chicken, Mapo Tofu, Princess Chicken and Spicy Basil Chicken and Shrimp. The Jumbo Noodle soup is something nobody likes to order because that does not have the right flavor. The addition of pork makes it an imprudent dish.

Princess Chicken, the fanciest of the fancy, is a thick, spicy and sweet breaded deep-fried chicken with onion and chili pepper.  They do have some signature dishes to make your meal extravagant. They do not receive much kind words neither rude statements.  They have Broccoli Signature dish which is prepared through stir fry just like most Chinese dishes. The vegetarian customers can have the Vegetable Signature Dishes at only $10.50 that consists of baby corn, carrot, sugar snap peas, broccoli, water chestnuts and mushroom in brown sauce. Garlic Signature Dish is a spicy one for veggie loves that costs $10.50 and includes water chestnuts, white onion, carrot, green onion, bamboo shoots and mushrooms in a peppery garlic sauce. Another spicy one is the Masa Man Curry Signature Dishes that has avocado, potato, carrots and cashews.

As a vintage dinner, you could ignore the pork egg rolls and pork ribs because they are unhealthy for you and the taste is not delightful either. Some people say that they charge a lot of more than they should. Some people say the quantity is a lot. Such as the sweet and sour chicken can serve a single person for two meals.

Reservations are not important as it is always empty and they will not pick your call. Some dishes can require a long preparation that is why even if you are the only one there, you will have to wait. Before being roasted the ingredients are soaked in boiling water, the meat is separated from the skin meat, and glazed with their special syrup or sauce. Some food has a thick and dense texture while others are light.

Some people complains about their service. Even if the ambience and food is up to the mark, service is important. For example, from a regular customer they would earn around $500 a year. If a misbehavior makes them go away, that is a huge loss. It gets worse when they put up the review on the internet because that will stop others going which can make the loss being over $10, 000! That is why even if the customer makes a mistake, the staffs should try to be polite and corporate.

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