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VIP nails: 1960 Kapiolani Blvd, Ste 114, Honolulu, HI 96826; Tel: (808) 946-3045.

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Nails make excellence in the salon industry. Expenditure of somewhere in the range of $15 to $45 a fly for a nail trim and $20 to $50 for a pedicure (excluding tip), your week after week or month to month salon visits are costing you valuable spoiling dollars. No big surprise the salon industry makes so much profit each year. While you are spending money for beauty and relaxation, you can come to VIP because they will not rush you even if you are the last customer. They will work slow and gently on your nails and ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

VIP nails

VIP nails

You can envision, the cash you fill on these little extravagances is critical to the salon business, which means they will do whatever it takes to hold you returning for additional beauty treatments. While now and then “whatever it takes” is going well beyond superb administration, cleanliness and system, it can likewise mean compromising and misleading the salon guidelines so as to minimize expenses and business blasting.

What is more, not to absolutely terrify you, but rather what should be a lavish treat, can now and again transform into your most noticeably bad dream – think skin eating ailments and contaminations. Although yes, a large number of ladies get nail treatments every year and do not encounter any genuine or life-undermining symptoms, you would be gullible to trust that it would never transpire. Nail salons that have been deficiently cleaned or performed terrible cleansing practices, and also ones with insufficiently prepared nail experts, could be a reproducing ground for microorganisms and a hazardous place for you to “loosen up.”

VIP nails has a name for being clean and modern so you can go there if you really need some nail designs. The customers love the massage and that is the reason they go for the manicure and pedicure.

You will probably hear that many nail salons switch and thin out the solution in the bottles. In the long history of nail technicians, there were many stories heard of many salons filling costly moisturizer bottles with a shabby nonexclusive salve. That way the salons can charge you more for the nail trim by guaranteeing to utilize eminence items, yet as a general rule are simply misdirecting you.

Thus, she says that a few salons will weaken nail clean containers that have progressed toward becoming clumpy from seniority or from an excessive amount of air presentation with nail clean remover. This activity bargains the nature of the clean, which will make the recipe chip simpler once on your nails. To guarantee the life of your shading and to ensure any conceivable germ spreading, some prefer to carry their own particular nail polish.

If you are at VIP nails, you will get a lot of choices and colors. Most of the time, the customer ends up being confused because of the wide range of choices. You do not have to worry because they have original nail polish and no diluting anything whatsoever. Besides, their work the client loves how they can walk in anytime without any appointment. Some salons are strict when it is about appointments but this one makes the difference. If you are a regular, you do not have to wait that long. For someone going for the first time, you should make an appointment by calling in the number above.

There has been a lot of discussions online and in real life how clients visiting find it annoying when the nail technicians are talking to each other in another language. They believe that they are talking about the customer. It also happened with my friend. Once she went to cut her hair, there were laughing at each other and she thought maybe it’s her hair. It is irritating to many women when they cannot comprehend the language plus they believe that they are mocking or making fun of them. If that is something you find troublesome, come to VIP nails because they all speak English. Better yet, they do not gossip with each other. They talk with you so that you are not bored throughout the manicure or pedicure.

In the salon industry, talking a dialect that is not conversationally cordial to your customer, client is viewed as discourteous and is justification for end at many spots. If the two staffs are holding a discussion the entire time of the nail benefit, anyone can be irritated. It is not important that the customer have to hold shimmering discussion, but rather at any rate make they should ensure that the client feels available and important.

If you are not sure of what nail design you want, they would do a sample on one nail and if you like it, they would continue to do the rest. As mentioned above, you would be confused because there are so many choices. That is why the staffs will be more than happy to help you choose. You can go with glitters, 3D nail designs or just matte or acrylic color. Some choose the gel nail polish while other choose light ones. Whether you have long nails or small ones, they will try to make them look nice. For your nail designs, they also have a huge selection such as small sunglasses, a skull, gold designs, bows, ribbons and other beautiful nail charms. They will all fit your nail and look beautiful.

During winter, you can get one with a snowman and the other finger you can have snowflakes design. That is perfect for Christmas as well. On Valentin’s day, you would love the one with cupid on the ring finger and on the other hand, they would write Happy Valentine’s Day for you. You can get nail designs for occasion such as birthday and weddings as well. It is a wise decision to not get nail designs so frequently as you will be safe from germs and save money.

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