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How to carve a turkey

How to carve a turkey

How to carve a turkey? Carving is all about making sure the turkey platter looks beautiful and the guests love it. After you learn how to roast a full turkey, it is very important you know how to carve it. Here is how you do it.

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Things you will need

How to carve a turkey

How to carve a turkey


Chopping board/Clean dry towel

Turkey platter

A pair of Scissors

Knives you need

Chef’s knife: It is originally designed to slice during food preparation for any meal and this is exactly what you are doing here so this is your number one knife.

Carving knife: As you can tell by the name that it is essential here since we are carving the turkey. It is smaller than a chef’s knife and has the ability to cut through turkey

Boning knife: It is used to get rid of the bones from chicken or any sort of poultry and it is smaller than the chef’s knife and the carving knife.

Here is what you do

Step 1: Start with your scissors by cutting the string. Before that make sure you have let the roasted turkey sit for at least twenty minutes. If you can wait for thirty minutes, that is even better. It will make the taste better. Keep the turkey on a chopping board and if it shaky and you have a chance of making mistakes, place it on a clean dry towel.

Step 2: The next thing you do is plunge your boning knife and expose the wishing bone by removing the skin. After slicing with the boning knife, get your hand into the pits of the turkey and get the coveted wishbone out which is also known as furcular. It is situated amid the turkey’s breast and neck and looks exactly like a V. Once you take it out, you will be able to see it.

Step 3: It is time to slice the thigh joint using a carving knife. It lies between the thigh piece and the body of the turkey. The drumsticks or chicken legs are going to be attached while you are doing this. Do not put too much force, gently get the bone out. Get the thigh bone out of the thigh using the boning knife. Now that it is completely boneless, slice into cubes and place it on the platter. Repeat the same for the other thigh and leg.

Step 4: Now, use the chef’s knife to chop off the breast and make sure it is all in one piece. If you are not being careful, you will make the breast break into several pieces. Slice it into several pieces and serve them on the platter. Do the same for the other side as well.

Step 5: All you will be left with are the wings. Slice them off with the chef’s knife and serve them without any further cutting. If you want, you can expose the joint present in the wings an chop them from the middle.

How to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner? Eyeliner is that part of the cosmetics that is used to border the eyelids. They enhance your look and make you look more pretty. If you are not using an eye liner, you should add it to your daily makeup routine right away. They do not take much time to apply but they leave a trace that lasts a long time. It is mostly black in color and exists in multiple forms: powder, pencil or gel. If you are looking for an eye liner to last a long time, go with the gel one. The powder and the pencil are going to smudge. Here how to how apply eyeliner.

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Step 1: Pick out one from the cosmetics store that suits you needs. Go with a gel one as it is easy to apply, dries quickly and the design will last the whole day. Since, you are a beginner do not just purchase the gel one. To help you as a guide, you can get the pencil one. You can first draw on the eyelids with the pencil eye liner and once you are done, apply the gel one. Someone applying gel eyeliner for the first time should use an outline as a guide because the mark you make will last the whole day. Since, it is not a pencil, you cannot rub it off.

How to apply eyeliner

How to apply eyeliner

Step 2: It is time to select what type of pattern and style you want. You can go with the color of your outfit, or the occasion you are going or just go with anything you want. There are many things you can do like simplicity, bold, drama or smooth. For example, the drama look for the eyes is when you apply the eyeliner in a smooth way and when you come at the end of the eyelid you elongate it by extending it. The look bold is similar to it except for the difference is that you do not extend it above the eyelid. Another one is fishtail where you elongate it both directions, up and down which looks similar to a fish tail.

Step 3: Stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes and start applying. Be slow and steady, it is not something you rush like lipstick. It is something you do with patience. Try not to talk while you do it or even sneeze. The first stroke should be the one starting from the middle or center of the eyelid. Make sure your eye is completely dry. Start from the middle to the end and then come to the lateral canthus (external bend of the eye where the higher and lower eyelids encounter) Many people make the mistake of starting from that corner.

Step 4: Once you are done with the eyeliner, you can use the pencil one to cover the inside visible lining of the eyes. Note that you cannot insert the gel or liquid eyeliner inside the eye. They are for external use only.

How to brine a turkey

How to brine a turkey

How to brine a turkey? If you are thinking what makes the turkey so juicy and delicious, the answer is the brine. If you can master this task, you will be able to serve your guest with a beautiful turkey on Thanksgiving. It is a way of marinating and adding more flavors to the turkey. It makes the meat tender and delicious. It is kind of like marinating but exactly not that because while marinating we cover the meat with spices and the major difference is the presence of salt and water. Here is how you do it.

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Step 1:  If you have a frozen turkey, leave it out until it is totally thaw and wait for it to happen naturally. Do not use any other method to melt the ice. Wait for the turkey to be soft and light. If you do not want the trouble of thawing and additionally you prefer fresh food, purchase one and then continue cooking. For a standard 13 to 23-pound turkey you will require 2 lbs. of salt, preferably sea salt and 15 oz. of brown sugar. You may require a large pot or container that is big enough to embrace the turkey when wholly flooded in liquid. Utilize a meat thermometer to know the temperature.

How to brine a turkey

How to brine a turkey

Step 2: Put the turkey, sugar and salt in the pot and add 15 liters of water. Make sure the turkey is fully covered in water and move it here and there to make it come in contact with the salt and water. Keep it in the refrigerator or somewhere cold for six hours. You can utilize ice to keep it cold. Make sure that the salt and sugar is completely mixing with the water.

Step 3: Take away the turkey from the brine and let it sit below flowing water of low temperature. Put in the refrigerator without the lid for one night. The process will give the right color of the turkey and get rid of too much moisture.

Step 4: Polish the turkey with butter, crushed pepper and herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary, mint, sage, coriander) or spice blend. Pack the inside of the turkey with new herb twigs, cloves of garlic and big sliced pieces of onion, celery and carrot. Add 15 ounces of water and you need to get yourself a roasting rack before preparing the turkey. Grease it with butter or fat.

Step 5: After you remove it from the brine, you need to let it dry. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and put the turkey in there. It is ready for being a roasted turkey. Carry on the roasting procedure according to the size of the turkey and the time it needs to cook.


• Not all turkey you find at the market are for brining. Some of them are injected with the solution of sodium and you can look at the packaging for more information

• You can keep it in bags called brining bags

• If it is too salty, put a potato in the mixture.

How to sing better

How to sing better

How to sing better? You may want to sing better for an audition or at a party. No matter what the case is, you will want to develop your singing and improve your voice. Do not get scared or nervous. Just be patient and you will be alright. You will need to maintain your skills after you develop them.

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Step 1: Find what the genre. It can happen that you want to sing country songs but your voice is matching better with pop. Go with the genre that matches you not the one you want to sing. It is the same wearing the clothes that suits our body not the ones we want to wear. You will need songs from each genre. For example, pick a song from alternative, classical, r & N, blues and pop. Sing them and see which one suits you better. Record yourself singing and listen to which one sounds better. Also, get someone to listen to you so they can pick out a genre for you. If you think you sound great on classical and the other person says as well, that means it is the final decision. Practice singing without any music.

How to sing better

How to sing better

Step 2: Make some lifestyle changes

Singing will not get better automatically but you will need to make some changes to your daily life. Start with your behavior. Be nice to everyone because you do not want to live a miserable lifestyle. You do not want to get angry and scream because it will not be helpful for your voice. Also stress, regretting that you were rude to someone is also not good. You should control yourself in the first place. Secondly, alcohol is poison so get rid of it completely. After you stop it, you will realize that your voice is improving. The reason is because the inside of your body will recover for example digestion problems will go away. Thirdly, never smoke a cigarette. They are not only bad for lungs but also for the throat. They will cause sore throat. You will fail to sing with a sore throat.

Step 3: Get a teacher

Learn the basics yourself and look for a mentor. You can look for music teachers in your area so that you do not have to go too far away for lessons. You can look for a teacher online or ask for recommendations. See if your relatives or friend knows someone. Practice singing everyday so that you can be confident in front of the mentor. If you cannot find a vocal coach that you can afford, look for online tutorials. Another way is to sing to karaoke. It will make your voice strong. While you sing, do not feel shy or scared.


• Get out of the comfort zone and sing in front of your family and friends.

• If you cannot decide which way to sing, pick out from an artist you like. For example, you want to sing like Britney Spears, listen to her over and over again and your singing will be somewhat similar to her.


How long is the great wall of china?

How long is the great wall of china? China is a great country with a beautiful history and authentic places. Did you know that the ice-cream we all love came from the Chinese people in the 2000 BC? Over 25 million people still have their homes in caves and all over the world there are 5 out of 1 people that is Chinese. China is a huge place but has a single time zone, previously it had six. They even discovered the tea around 2737 BC when a tea leaf dropped into the boiling water of the Chinese emperor Shennong. They have a lot of interesting aspects about their country from the history to the present such as the scales and whiskers of the carp make it look similar to a dragon which is the highest symbol of power.  Here we will talk about the great wall of China.

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The Great Wall of China can be seen from space and is one of the world’s wonders. It has many stories of why it was made and hides many secrets. It ranges through the sub-continental expanse of Northern part of China and extended after that. Tourists visit China to see this beauty. Its story begins when the Han Dynasty wanted to start trading with the West so they controlled the east. The Emperor Qin Shi Huang started the construction of the north walls and the Great Wall is not just a single wall. It is made up of many walls together. He ordered for the building of it to protect from enemies. Many walls connect to each other and make these up and it is approximately three thousand one hundred miles. It took more than 10 years to build. Previously, it was considered to be more than three thousand miles long and now it is considered as more than thirteen thousand miles long. There were other measurements such as more than eight thousand kilometers.

How long is the great wall of china

During the Ming Dynasty only eight percent was built. The wall needs to be taken care because it is in danger from tourism, mining and pollution. Although people call it the “five thousand kilometer wall” meaning it is three thousand one hundred miles long. Some parts of the wall have been damaged or decayed so it is hard to find the precise number. The official length is exactly twenty-one thousand one hundred and ninety-six kilometers which is equal to thirteen thousand and one hundred seventy miles. The official value was deduced after measuring it technically and in the right system. People still believe there are errors since some parts, the walls are overlapping or some part has been damaged but still it was a part of the Great Wall. There were different dynasties with varied measurements such as the Warring Dynasty said it is five thousand kilometers and the Ming Dynasty said it was four thousand and five hundred kilometers. The parts of the Great Wall of China that people are visiting are actually the ones built during the 1368 to 1644, meaning Ming Dynasty.

How to make slime

How to make slime? Slime is made in many ways and some have different textures than others. They can be of many different colors such as green, purple, red or blue. Some even have their own smell. Kids love playing with these and love making it. You can buy them from the store and they do not cost much but making them is double the fun. Just get the items you need and you can start crafting. Crafting is good for the children’s brains. It helps to think and solve problems and the finger muscles also get a good exercise. The slime has other names such as goo, ooze and gunk.

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Here is how you make slime

How to make slime

What you will need:

A bottle of white craft glue

clean water

8 to 10 drops of food color

3 teaspoons of borax

Step 1:  You will need a clean steel bowl and empty the bowl or at least pour half a cup. The bottle you just emptied, refill it with water.

Step 2: It is time to decide the color, suppose you are going with blue then simple add 8 drops of blue but if you are thinking of being a little too creative, you can combine different colors. You can add yellow and green or 4 drops of red and 4 drops of blue to make purple.

Step 3: It is time to put the cap back on the bottle of glue that you have refilled with water and shake it. After shaking it for a while, pour it in the bowl and give it a good stir for few seconds.

Step 4: In another plastic bowl, add half cup room temperature water and one-sixth of hot water. The reason for taking the plastic bowl is to make sure that it does not get warm and you burn your hand. Steel is a conductor so it is not going to be wise to handle the water in a steel bowl.

Step 5: In the hot water, add the two teaspoons of borax and you need to mix it evenly so that the mixture looks clear. Now it is time to add what you made in the steel bowl. It should have the color by now. To sum it up, it is basically, white glue mixture plus the borax mixture which gives us the slime.

After you complete all the steps you will have your slime and what you should know is that you need to purchase the items before you start. If that is becoming a problem for you, you can make slime with just two items but you will need to work a bit hard. The best part is the two items you need is always at your home unlike borax, food color or white glue.

What you will need:

Cleansing wash

A good shampoo

You need to get a small bowl and add the cleansing wash. It is time for you to add the shampoo but in a smaller amount that the cleansing wash. Now stir and stir until you have the perfect ooze. You will understand when it will be similar to an actual slime and it will not stick to your fingers.


We have all passed through that point in our lives when making paper boats was a must do thing for a fun day. Over the years as you grow into the person you want to become, the craft does become vague and sometimes you might even forget it completely. Funny as it maybe, you might get a craving to make one once more or even get a nephew that wants you to teach them how to make one. Of course at this time you have no idea how to make a boat anymore. Therefore, you will definitely need to look for a source to learn how to make a boat. Look no further, in this article you will learn step by step how to make a boat just like a pro.

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Step 1: First of all you need to get your hand on a normal piece of paper or even a printing paper. Take the paper and fold it on the shorter side so that it becomes folded in half. In some other cases this procedure is usually called the hot dog style.


Step 2

After the hot dog style, you can now take the paper and rotate it a 90 degrees angle. Then take the folded paper and fold it from the bottom to top along the long side of the paper. This is usually known as the hamburger style. This fold will create two creases in the center of the page. At this point you have to crease along both of the middles of the paper.

Step 3

Turn the paper so that you can face the fold. Fold the two corners while leaving some space at the bottom. Hold down the two top corners so that they line up with the crease in the middle. Use the previous made crease to line up the corners as well as creasing the edges to secure the folds.

Step 4

Turn the paper to a hat form. To do this you need to first fold the bottom of the paper against the two sides. After this take the top flap at the bottom of the paper and then fold it up against the bottom of the two folded triangles. After this, turn the paper and do the same thing to the flap on the on this other side.

Step 5

In this step you need to fold the bottom corners in. Take the edge of the rectangle and flap them backwards to from a triangle design. Do the same for the other side.

Step 6

In this step you need to turn the triangle you made into a square. All you need to do is simply pull the triangle from the inside and turn it outwards to form a square. Crease the edges to maintain the shape.

Step 7

In this case you need to fold up the bottom flaps to form a diamond like feature. Fold up the corners while ensuring that you align it to the top corner. Do the same for the other side.

Step 8

Fold the triangle into a square again just the previous step. Remember to crease the sides just the same way you did before to ensure the strong structure is maintained.

Step 9

This is actually the final step. Flap the square back to a mini triangle and observe the sides of the triangle you have formed. You will realize that the sides can be pulled outwards. Pull them out gently and see that it turns into a beautiful boat model.


No matter your age or origin, Halloween is one festival you definitely can’t sit out on no matter what happens. The amazing ghost costumes and stories going round will surely give you a thrill you will want to remember. The children going round getting sweets from all round your neighborhood and the crazy parties that are thrown on that night are also something you don’t want to miss out on. Furthermore, above all else you must not forget the amazing decorations that decorate Halloween night, especially the pumpkins. Therefore, you need to learn how to carve a pumpkin so that you don’t end looking like the weird neighbor without the pumpkins, or worse still, the weird looking pumpkin decorations.

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Choosing a pumpkin

The first step to carving a good pumpkin figure begins with choosing the best pumpkin for the job. Of course am hoping you know a store where you can find one. Once you are there, all you need is to select the healthiest one you can find. One without nicks, bruises and cuts. Since you are going to carve it out, find one that’s not squishy. You can choose various sizes for several places in your house. The last thing you need to know is that the time you choose to buy the pumpkins should be right so that they don’t go bad before they fulfil their purpose. In case you carve them early, then you need to store the pumpkin in water to preserve it better.


Carving style

This is definitely the most important section when it comes to learning how to carve a pumpkin. This entails the design and method in which you will carve your pumpkin. This is usually determined by the type of figure you want to carve out from the pumpkin. The several famous techniques include the following;

· Traditional  jack -o’-lantern

· Silhouette technique

· Carve in bas-relief technique

The carving design dictates the kind of tools you will need to finish the design. The first thing you need to do is to draft the design you want on the pumpkin before you can begin the carving. You can use a marker or any other marking pen you have at your disposal. After this you need to get your hands on an appropriate knife to begin. And set up a nice working space in which you can do the carving on with ease.

Once on the work area, you need to ensure that you get a table cloth or even a newspaper at the bottom of the pumpkin to catch the spills from the carving you will be doing. For instance, if you are going to carve a normal jack-o’-lantern, you’ll need to carve out the lid by cutting out a circle on the top. Remove the excess on the back of the lid.

Once the lid is perfectly set, you now need to empty the insides of the pumpkin by using a large spoon. The seeds can be stored for planting if you don’t want to buy a new pumpkin next season. After you are done, you can now to design the sides of the pumpkin to bring out that Halloween look. You can do any design from this point on. Just ensure you carve is scary, after all it’s Halloween.