China Buffet

China Buffet


China Buffet is located in 3246 U.S. 10 East, MOORHEAD MN 565-60-2524 and serves the finest food in Chinese style. They select ingredients prudently and use only the natural and freshest ones to prepare all the dish, and have been attempting to cook them in an improved way to provide the utmost nutritious foods. Along with the quality of food, ambience is importance as well. Customers love the place for their welcoming behavior and warm personality.

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The Chinese Buffet

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About China Buffet. The restaurant is clean with a nice ambience. Try to remember the name of your favorite restaurant when you were a kid. What can you recall? The aroma of the food? The chitchats with a preferred server? Maybe it was the excellence of the place that achieved to get you away from usual, daily life? Decent food quality is only one of the significant things that can create a famous restaurant, but atmosphere is one vaster factor that retains people to come back to China Buffet. In a customer review, almost 70% of explanations clients gave about never going back to a place again tangled a bad restaurant atmosphere involvement. That is why at China Buffet, the owner and staffs maintains a healthy environment along with creating nitrous meals.

China Buffet
China Buffet

Their food

If you do not know what to eat if you are visiting for the first time, you can have the pepper chicken. Some consumers complain that they liked before the price went up. It is a bit pricier than many other Chinese restaurant but the quality of food is remarkable. Even though the name is China Buffet, they do serve other types of cuisines such as Japanese food. If you are worried about your worried and think that Chinese food can make you gain weight, you can always try their special menu for you. It consists of steamed mixed vegetable, steamed Tofu with Vegetable, Steamed Chicken with Mixed Vegetable, Steamed Shrimp with Mixed Vegetable and Steamed Vegetable with Chicken & Shrimp. They are not cheap though, they cost $ 8.75, $9.25, $9.50, $10.65 and $10.65 respectively. It is going to be difficult to say that they charge a less price. Other Chinese restaurants do not cost so much for vegetables. If two of you are eating there, you can pick Pu Pu Platter which is a combo for two people. It consists of Fried Shrimp, Egg Roll, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Cream Cheese Wonton, Spring Roll, Fried Wonton, Chicken Meatball Chicken Wing, Teriyaki Chicken, and Sweet Biscuit. It costs $11. Some people complain that they do not want to pay so much for a meal of only two. Sushi here tastes so delicious because of their exquisitely sophisticated palate and the sense of adventure, which permit you to taste the freshest of ingredients, equipped and exhibited by the chef. You can find Japanese food there but sushi was in China before it went to Japan. The best part is that it is a buffet so you can eat as much as you want. Many Chinese or Asian restaurants do not have the Seafood section on the menu. Here, you can find that which is mainly shrimp at the core.

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China Buffet
China Buffet


While the management tries their best to keep the restaurant tidy and clean, there are some people who does not like the atmosphere. They say it is not clean. It can happen due to the crowd eating there but the staffs always try to keep the tables and everything clean and tidy. If a Chinese restaurant is not clean, there is no point in eating there. That is why China Buffet puts a lot of effort into keeping the place shipshape. Studies and over eighty thousand surveys found that hygiene and cleanliness in specific interiors, tableware, food preparation areas and restrooms, are among the top considerations for eatery guests when thinking or deciding where to eat. China Buffet has many regular customers because of their delicious food and service. It is not a very fancy restaurant so you can stop by for lunch or dinner. It is also suitable if you want to have a meal with your friends and family. It is not important that you will have to be in your formal clothing such as tuxedo. You can be your regular self when you come here.

Where to find them

You can get them at their Facebook page where you will find mostly positive reviews. If you have any complains you can contact them and they will provide assistance. It can happen that you had to pay for something more than the price on the menu. You notice that afterwards when you go home. In that case, you can contact with them through the Facebook page. They will reply to you as soon as possible. The management team cares a lot about what each and every guest is thinking and they want the guests to return again and again to their dining. If you faced any problem with the behavior of the staff or the food, you can communicate with the head of China Buffet through the Facebook page. You cannot contact them through their official website but you can call at this number 218-233-6868. They are always happy to listen to their customer’s feedback. If you have a problem they will try their best to fix it.

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