Family Link

Family Link

Google’s family link is finally here. By seeing the title, you might think that you will tap on the “Google Play” of your Android phone, search for it in just like you did for Minecraft, Facebook or other apps. From several other options, you will download and install the one that seems reliable to you. The title is not misleading it just wants you know that you can get the Family link app but you have to request it from their official website.

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The requirements to get started are the location of both the kid and you should be in the United States. Both of you should use an Android device that is compatible with the Family Link app. You should have a Google account of yourself and one for your kid that you will create in Family Link. Keep in mind that it is for you if your child is less than 13 years of age.

Family Link

Family Link

After you are prepared and all the requirements matches with you, you can follow the steps below to use Family Link.

Step 1: The initial step is to produce a family group. Just like you install other apps, do the same with this and then tap the option for accessing. A page will be present that has the photo of an envelope. Below that you will find two options, “Switch Account” and “Request Access”

It will make you land on the Google Family Link website, move downwards and the second option of requesting.  After that it will ask you make a family group on their platform.  There will be three sentences where the first one is to create a family group here.

Step 2: After that you will have to make a new account for you kid. If your kid already has one, that does not matter because you need a brand new one through this platform. Click on the box if you agree the terms and conditions and move to the next page. Use the correct information.

Write down the details of your kid according to what they ask. You will have to agree to the disclosure of parents using Family Link from Google. You have to inform them when you kid is no longer less than 13 years of age.

Step 3: The last step is all about the linkage between the two devices. It will take around fifteen minutes to configure and connect the two devices. While you do this, make sure that your kid’s phone is with you because the two phones need to be close to each other. You will need the child’s phone to set up the parental controls and log in using the Gmail account that you made. It all starts after you hand over the other phone to your child.

Step 4: That was just making two of the accounts in the phones after the installation of Family Link app. The next step is to configure in the child’s phone. Start by downloading the app just like you did in your phone. Name the phone so it is easy to setup. For example, “Sarah’s Nexus 6” and hit Next.

There will be many apps that you do not want your son or daughter to use or see that is why you can pick which one is appropriate for them and which one is not. You have to manually do this so that you can justify between them. For example, there is Clock, Google Chrome, Camera etc. Click on the box that you want or not for your kid.

Step 5: There will be a message saying “All Set” and the device is going to be set for your child. You can give it to your kid and all the apps will not show up at his or her phone. Before he or she want to download a new app, there will be a message to ask you. There are two options, one saying to ask through messaging or ask at that moment. After that you can have authority over your kid’s activity on the phone. It will be like you are watching their activity whereas you are busy with your work.

Family Link

Family Link



• It has a lot of features that lets the parents have full control over their children’s activity and know what they are doing.

• The kids have to take permission before downloading an app of their wish and the parents can decide which one is good for them and which is not.

• There many options, as mentioned before and you can also lock their device instantly and immediately if it is past their bedtime or they have to study

• You can see how much time the child is spending on each apps so you know which one is becoming their addiction such as Pokémon Go 20m, Pacman 5m, Kids Doodle 2m, Cooking Mama 2m, Magic Piano 2m etc.

• The structure and framework of Family Link is excellent and the control are excellent. You can use it easily without any hurdles and the tools are effective.

• The parents love it because it is a nice form of guidance and stopping the kids from doing something wrong.

• You can give break to your kids without being present in that way the kids’ eyes can get rest.


• There is no way of adding extra time which can be painful mentally for both the parents and the kids. The kid may want an extra five minutes to finish a game and parents do not want to hurt their kids. It is not possible because the phone will lock itself at the given time.

• Works only on Android phone so you cannot use it on iPhones or any other operating system. The phone should be ANDROID 4.4 and higher is better.

It is the part of innovation that is going to make parenting easy. Some people upon hearing about Family link complains that it is because of this kind of technology kids are going far away from the parents. It is not true because when they take a break or when the game gets blocked, they will come to talk to you. It is a nice way to control them without scolding or screaming at them.

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