Happy Wok

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Location: Happy Wok – 429 Commerce Dr, West Side, Madison 53719

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Website: www.happywokmadison.com

Happy Wok

Happy Wok

Operating time: Daily from 10 AM to 10 PM

There is a type of salty fear that occurs to many people who are thinking of dining in any Chinese restaurant: a terror that however prudently they go through the menu, no matter what the plot is and triangulate the presence of dishes’ poetry against each other, they believe that they still going to fail to get the best out from that place. They fear that they will order many food items that sound thought-provoking only to realize at the end that they have just had the sort of Chinese food found in grim joints of 1983, where the spare ribs were a Salsa shadow of orange and the crunchy beef actually was not.

As it occurs guests can dine in wonderfully at Happy Wok, which waits in one of the streets of Madison where you can get the smell of Americanized Chinse food. You will find that the owner did justice to the place and just because a Chinese restaurant has a Chinese owner does not guarantee the taste will be excellent. When you are in a rush, you can order through phone and take your food by the drive-in system they have.

They have lots of special offers that will make you order their food. You can get a free egg roll or medium drink if your bill adds up to more than $10. The most popular one is the free crab Rangoon with a purchase of $15. You can also get a free egg drop Soup with the $15 bill. If your bill is more than $25, you can get free chicken fried rice! If the total cost is more than $30 you can get Chinese sugar donuts. For the $35, it is a sweet and sour chicken without any cost. Also, General Tso’s Chicken is available at a purchase more than $35. For soda lovers, they love how they can take one 2-liter bottle with a $20 bill. Not many places have this kind of exciting offers.

If you think that you do not need to much food, you can always store in the refrigerator and you do not have to worry about the upcoming meals you will have. Happy Wok has set that up for you. The price is reasonable though, so you would need to get a lot of food to make the cost surpass $25 or $30. You can get the Chicken Mei fun which is only $7.49 and Kung Pao Chicken at $7.39 and you can complete your meal with these two items at under $15. If you are ordering online, you can always claim the free crab Rangoon or the egg drop soup.

Happy Wok

Happy Wok

You will be able to tell that the price is so reasonable when you look at the Chicken items under the House Special. If you are taking the tasty pepper chicken, for the family it is only $8.89. That means under $9 you all can share this wonderful chicken covered in yellow onion with fresh green peppers. The sweet and sour chicken can be your favorite because of the tangy pineapple in contains. The battered meat comes in a package that is abundance in the sweet and sour sauce.

Happy Wok can sound like the name of an inexpensive Chinese takeaway and it is one too. You do not have to spend a fortune to eat here. The whole family can enjoy high-quality and delicious Americanized Chinese food. The place is clean and organized as well. The staffs receive a lot of praises for being polite and friendly.  There are simple purposeful tables, bare walls and, at the back, a tidy kitchen basking under the bright lights. More significant is the chiller cabinet which is full of fresh and new seafood, the ingredients for the first item of the House Specials. There is no information about the chefs though on their website. Whoever they are, comes with a lot of experience. You can tell by seeing their food.

You can believe that they follow “Shandong style”, which indicated that presentation is just as significant as the taste. Some place just piles up portions of Chinese food such as Chow Mein or White rice without worrying about how it looks. It is true that they get reviews such as “the portion was big” and “they give a lot for the price we paid” and etc. The same goes with Happy Wok, meaning they also give out huge portions so that you do not stay hungry with the difference that they notice the presentation of the food. It will not be lumps of wobbly and bland meat on strange looking sauce that looks like it came out a hundred-year old bottle.

Most people eating elsewhere complain about the sesame chicken that they do not put enough sesame seeds. Here, the guests have no complain about it. The General Tso’s Chicken is also better than many other places. What you should not order are the pork items because they are not fresh neither tasty. Other than that, the restaurant is perfect for dining it with family. They do not have anything alcoholic, so feel free to bring kids along with you.

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