How many stamps do I need?

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How many stamps do I need? Before starting to talk about stamps, we will discuss its history. Stamps had been used as a substitute to postage envelopes even before the 1830s. During 1837, the earliest glued postage stamp was made by Rowland Hill who was an English schoolmaster.  The first stamp was known as first “British Penny Black”. On May 6, 1840 the stamp was send with an envelope.  Before that, stamps were not made by paper. They were made of wood and they were written with ink. The rule in the history was that the one receiving the letter will have to pay. This caused a lot of problems because the receiver did not want to pay. After the 1840s, the stamps were pictures of sovereigns, queens, politicians, leaders and presidents.

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Stamps will always be an important part to all. Even though people are living in an associated world, they still have a hard time sending a letter. It is quite normal because everyone have access to at least one phone with the internet running, Wi-Fi connection, tablet, PC or laptop. There is Twitter, Facebook and many other social apps and websites.  Messages can be sent in instants for free. No matter how much innovated the gadgets are people will always love letters.

How many stamps do I need

Definition: A Stamp or “postage stamp” is an evidence or proof that you have paid to the postal services. It is positioned at the right-hand corner of the envelope. Having a stamp shows that the sender (you) have forwarded a letter and has paid full money for its delivery. Hence, stamps must contain the vital information about the country where the sender is. These things will help the sorting process in the “electronic mail sorting” system. A postage stamp made of a small piece of paper. It is bought to be used as a proof. They are attached using a strong gum. They are rectangular in shape.


Types of stamps: 

Types of stamps

· Carrier’s stamp

· Airmail stamp

· Booklet stamp

· Certified mail stamp

· Coil stamps

· Computer vended stamp

· Commemorative stamp

· Customized stamp

· Express mail stamp

· Special delivery stamp

· Definitive stamps

· Late fee stamps

· Local post stamp

· Military stamps

· Mini sheets

· Newspaper stamps

· Official mail stamps

· Occupation stamp

· Non-denominated stamps

· Overprint

· Perforated stamps

· Pneumatic stamps

· Punctured stamps

· Modified stamps

· Pneumatic stamps (made in Italy only)

· Postage currency

· Postage due

· Self-glued stamp

· Charity stamp

· Souvenir stamp

· Specimen stamp

· Test stamp

· Variable value stamp

· Test stamp

· Variable value stamps

· War tax stamp

· Water-activated stamp

· Telegraphic stamp


How many stamps do I need? 

How many stamps do I need-

It varies from letter to letter. For a letter whose weigh tis less than 100g, sending in first class would require one stamp. To send in second letter, one stamp would be required. To send a large letter which is between 0 to 100g, you need two stamps for both first class and second class. For weights above 101 grams to 250 grams, you need 2 stamps for first class and 3 stamps for second class. For a large letter weighing more than 251 to 500 gram, you need 3 stamps for both first and second class. You need 4 stamps for both first class and second class when the large letter is more than 501g (less than 750g) in weight. When a letter is more than 750 grams you need to consider it as a parcel.

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