Coming Up With a Winning Clash Royale Deck Using the Best Troop Selection

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Before coming up with a deck for a given challenge, you are required to pay attention to the following tips.

  1. Be In Possession Of At Least 2 Cards That Causes Minimum Damage

As a player, you are required to keep in position a balance that is proper between the splash cards and the point. Keeping in mind that the troops of the low HP do decimate the troops from the high HP, you are required to keep point cards in the respectful deck. Examples of the point cards to be used in this case are like the musketeer card, the minion horde card, the archers’ card, the spear goblins card, the barbarians’ card, the knight card, the prince card, the P.E.K.K.A card, X-Bow card, Tesla card, cannon card, and the inferno tower card.

Clash Royale Deck
Clash Royale Deck
  1. The Number Of The Splash Damage Cards That Are Ideal

Combining around 3 splash damage cards is considered as the best option for the player’s deck.  A basic necessity for the player is facing a horde of troops that are large in the battles. Examples of the splash damage cards include the Valkyrie card, the bomb tower card, the bomber card, the mortar card, the wizard card, the giant skeleton card, the fireball card, the zap card, the lightning card, the baby dragon card, the arrows card, the ice wizard card, the rocket card, the princess card, and the witch card.

  1. The Number Of High HP Cards That The Layer Is Supposed To Have

The player’s deck is supposed to have high HP cards that are at least two in number as a strong assurance of winning the battle. These high HP cards are considered to be the type of cards that consists of 1000 HP or more than this. This deck is said to be really handy as it defends the player’s troops or the castle. Examples of these high HP cards are the X-Bow card, the witch card, the inferno tower card, the baby dragon card, the wizard card, the spear goblins card, the Tesla card. The minion horde card, the archers’ card, and the musketeer card.

  1. A Minimum Of One Spell Card

Despite the fact that splash cards are capable of causing a lot of damage, they are known to be having a low range that is accompanied with a destructive capability that is of low level. If the player has the aim of utilizing the splash cards with a full capability, then he/she is advisable to use the lightning card, the arrows card or the rockets card in his/her deck for the purpose of making a win-win situation that is one-sided.

  1. Utmost Air Targeted Cards That Are Two In Number

If the player has reached the arenas on the higher level, it is an essential requirement to choose the air troops so as avoid from being targeted in an easier manner by the aerial attacks from your enemy. In order to avoid direct damage by the enemy, the player is required to choose air cards that are at least two in number in the deck.

Clash Royale Deck
Clash Royale Deck
  1. At Least One Structure Type Card That Provides Defense

As a player, it is a vital requirement to have the attacks cards. They offer protection to your buildings which mean a lot in the battle. The buildings are supposed to be protected without considering the nature of the cost that you are likely to incur.

What you need to know about the clash Royale before deciding on a particular deck

  1. Avoid building of the solo cards

You are not supposed to keep only the epic cards or the rare cards as they are likely to have a great effect on your deck. It is advisable to have other cards and the troops that can be used in building a deck that is perfect for the respectful battle.

  1. Ensure that the balance existing between the defense and the offense is maintained

As a player, when you realize that you are nearing the closing point of the game it is vital deploying something for the offense.  This is necessary for decimating the towers and the troops of your enemy which will place you in a good position of continuing to the winning point of the game. But you have to ensure that you are not focusing only on the offense. As a result, you are also required to be keen on the side of the defense. Coming up with the decisions that are right for offending and defending processes is one way of promising you as a player to success. Maintaining a constant balance between the two is key to emerging a winner in the battle with ease.

  1. Minding the cards that cause damage

This is something that is crucial and obvious to the regular players of the Clash Royale. They are very conversant with the damage due to the splash damage cards and the point damage cards. The point damage cards are not in a position of attacking multiple numbers of troops simultaneously. As per their name, they only attack and point a given single troop at a time. They are not in a position of handling multiple numbers of troops simultaneously. Thus, you are required to be careful while applying them.

On the other hand, the splash damage cards are in a position of causing damage to multiple numbers of troops simultaneously. The troops for this case are like the baby dragon troops, the witch troops, the skeleton army troops and many more. These cards are identified to be the most powerful as they are in a position of causing a lot of damage at a given instant time. By using these cards you are in a good position of destroying the troops from the low HP.

  1. The balance amongst the Range troops and the Melee must be maintained

This is so essential as the melee troops are the ones that are applied in making the ranged troops work in an effective manner with a lot of ease through coming up with a meat shield.

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